NASCAR Death Bed

Discussion in 'NASCAR chat' started by Bob Mac, Jun 11, 2017.

  1. Bob Mac

    Bob Mac Guest

    Do you know what NASCAR said on it's death bed. Let's try stage racing. If you agree, let me know.
  2. kyle18fan

    kyle18fan Proud member of Rowdy Nation Contributor

    The stage racing put a hurt on them IMO the audience at my house is getting pretty small this year. I used to watch all three series religiously ..... now its just cup and I have missed a few of those ..... the 600 was one of them.
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  3. be9ak7ts16

    be9ak7ts16 Johali Lives

    I watched one race and I don't remember which one.
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  4. jws926

    jws926 I need to think of something new for here

    Ive watched every Cup race and every X Series race.
  5. Mopardh9

    Mopardh9 Team Owner

    Nascar is on its way out
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  6. DSquad48

    DSquad48 Wizard/Mall Santa

    I have watched all the races and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

    I suppose perhaps 10-20 years down the line once all my favorites are gone and I'm a weathered old man who hates change I will finally keep the TV off during race time.
  7. kyle18fan

    kyle18fan Proud member of Rowdy Nation Contributor

    Stay out of the weather ;)
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  8. pjmolo

    pjmolo Director of driver attitude adjustments . . .

    I'll alert the media.jpg
  9. aunty dive

    aunty dive Team Owner

    Death is over-rated.
  10. Nascar is not on its deathbed but is just in the process getting much smaller. Stage racing is just a desperate move trying to stave off the inevitable.
  11. jws926

    jws926 I need to think of something new for here

    I disagree, it for sure wont be going anywhere till after 2024 , after that, I still see it being around.
  12. Mike Crayne

    Mike Crayne Team Owner

    I like stage racing. There are some things I would change but not that.
  13. SlicedBread22

    SlicedBread22 #TeamJL

    Oh look.. more complaints.. whatta ya know? :rolleyes:

    Personally I've been loving the stage racing.

    What will people say when NASCAR adds more stages?? Lol Because those short stages in the NXS at Pocono made for one hell of a race. Just saying.
  14. Team Penske

    Team Penske Team Owner

    IMO Stage racing has put life back into the racing. The elite in the best equipment can no longer ride around, those that race the whole race can now outpoint them and really make it hard in the chase to advance.
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  15. Fordracing7

    Fordracing7 2018 Pick em Champion

    Click bait......i guess I don't give a damn about the nit picky stuff. I just LOVE racing and I LOVE Nascar and that's never gonna change. Evolve or get life behind.
  16. Hotrod

    Hotrod Team Owner

    I agree. I have not heard anyone in or around NASCAR - from owners, drivers to journalists complain against stage racing.
    There will always be a small percentage that will completely see things in a totally different way in
    anything. Which is fine , it makes me think, and what I thought about is - could this be a stepping stone to heat racing in the future?
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  17. R Clarence

    R Clarence Team Owner

    An interesting thought.
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  18. darlingtonfan

    darlingtonfan Team Owner

    It may be more like what the Canada NASCAR series is like today.Much less manufacturers support and more like a stock car.I do think the NASCAR executives will try every gimmick and trick to reverse the inevitable as Skoalbandit33 said.
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  19. One thing to remember is Nascar does not have to hear from a soul to make changes as they do what they think is best and exclaim "its what the fans have been asking for." Sometime tomorrow or Tuesday we will probably read that the June 11 cup race was the lowest rated Pocono race since Ronald Reagan was President blah, blah, blah. Nascar will think it needs to make more changes in order to stem the tide and they will be made perhaps to the point that stages will be nothing more than heats. It isn't for me to say what a person should or shouldn't like but Nascar has become so convoluted that they have lost themselves and what traditional race fans want and require. This happened prior to stage racing but it only becomes exacerbated with each new change.
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  20. Greg

    Greg 2014 RF YAHOO CHAMP Your leader

    Nascar aint going to die. I have often been a critic, and there are some problems. But they will be running races long after we are all gone.

    And FTR nothing stays the same.
  21. JohnHill

    JohnHill member of Who Dat Nation

    I wasn't a supporter of stage racing. It's not terrible, it does give the race fan a chance to see more exciting moments. I really would like them to leave it alone right where it's at for awhile.

    The points on the other hand... that I do not fully understand and I won't even bother with that mess again. I'll just google it from time to time if I need to know how everyone is doing.

    I don't want to add to the sky is falling conspiracies... I think NASCAR is about down to its modern day core audience. It's a mix of some new fans and a few old fans like me who are still there. Probably having trouble with the switching of things every season, but we're trying and we're still there...

    NASCAR really should play to the audience they have right now. If they find more ways to drive off the current viewers then fire up the conspiracies for years to come.

    One real concern is sponsors right now. They are in a tough spot because they're still asked to pony up all the millions and millions through the season, while there are still 36+ events on the schedule which have less and less eyes watching them. Sponsors will opt to back out more and more because of the current low audience.... this is the area to consider for now.
  22. pjmolo

    pjmolo Director of driver attitude adjustments . . .

    That's pretty much how I see the Cup Series right now.

    Two, maybe three, heat races at each venue and then the feature event, just like the local short track.

    Could be worse, I suppose.
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  23. R Clarence

    R Clarence Team Owner

    Heats of the traditional sort would be a hoot.

    Limit the main to thirty cars ‘n run it without “enhancements.”

    They could even add valuable double-secret super points for the individual heat stuff.
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  24. *WEAVER*

    *WEAVER* Team Owner

    We always have the TRAC series if NASCAR dies.
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  25. 4tires17gals

    4tires17gals Team Owner

    maybe only a 6 month in spring summer series would help to end need to compete with NFL at same time
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  26. Bobw

    Bobw Team Owner

    Not on it's death bed but life support isn't far off. With diminishing track attendance and TV viewership how much longer is corporate America going to shell out big buck sponsorship bucks?
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  27. Revman

    Revman 2X CHAMPION

    They turn the engine, I will be there. Love this. However, I will say that since they reduced the Cup driver's participation in Xfinity, I listen more than watch that. Trucks is 50/50 watch/listen. Cup--Always there 100%. My reduced viewing of Xfinity and Truck is because Kyle Busch doesn't run those as much. 100% when he is there.
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  28. LARRY

    LARRY Stages! Stages! We don't need no stinking stages!!

    It must be going down for the second time, now.
    It has moved from fox down channel to fox 1.
    Lots fewer viewers available and cheaper ad costs.
    Then they can't get car sponsored.
  29. Kiante

    Kiante Team Owner


    Anyways, if it's dying I'm going to continue to watch every race until it does:)
  30. The problem for Nascar is that they have a very old fan base and the reality is a lot of them will be dead in 10 years and there are no young people to take their place. Nascar's best play for today and the future is to find out what young people want and cater to them and hope the old timers like us like it too. Sponsors don't want to pay premium dollars to advertise to old people which is one of the reason sponsors are leaving the series or are paying only 175K to sponsor a car like they are with Ryan Newman.
  31. LARRY

    LARRY Stages! Stages! We don't need no stinking stages!!

  32. Would it be fair to say that you are a driver fan more than a race fan?
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  33. R Clarence

    R Clarence Team Owner

    Can’t ya just see Ramen Noodles on an RCR car?
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  34. TexasRaceLady

    TexasRaceLady Plank Owner Contributor

    Same, here. :)
  35. downnice

    downnice Crew Chief

    I wish we did not have stage racing, but the Gen 6 cars package is soo awful that the stage racing is making the racing somewhat better.

    If Nascar had a better package like what they had with the Gen 4 cars (and let the manufactures actually compete and have unique ride heights etc...) we would not need it, but since the package is so awful the Stage Racing is a necessary evil IMO until they make these cars more competive
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  36. Yogisd1

    Yogisd1 Resident Retard

    NASCAR will not die. Wherever there are at least two cars racing, some people will watch. The sport is undergoing a fundamental transformation, and there is no way to tell where it will end up. There will be more gimmicks along the way, and some will be dropped. They ought to try the gimmick that made them popular in the first place, stock bodies. There are some that say it will never happen. Like everything else, they will eventually come full circle, and get back to that. Would you really care if they only do 160 mph, rather than 190, if the racing was much more entertaining? Sure the races would be longer, but you wouldn't notice it, because you would be into the race. Kind of like when you are at a casino. Racing appeals to the young, the average Joe (and Jill) want to participate, not just watch. When NASCAR understands that, they will begin to grow again.
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  37. jws926

    jws926 I need to think of something new for here

    Even with the current cars, that would make the better racing 100x better, speed does mean great racing.
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  38. oldgoat

    oldgoat Team Owner

    I kind of like the stage racing. Before many were halfway riding around for the first 2/3 of the race and then go for it. Now there is a reason to go harder. So all in all I think it is an improvement. The crowds will still get smaller to where it is where it probably should be. Once it gets down to that point the costs of sponsorship will be forced down and help in that sector.
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  39. So......... My take on that is....... when Kyle retires....... you might listen or watch..... but...... it really won't be as important anymore...... if your wife wants wants you to go to Home Depot on a Sunday afternoon.... that will take precedent.
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  40. Yep....the difference between a racing fan and a driver fan.
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