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Discussion in 'NASCAR chat' started by gnomesayin, Apr 12, 2019.

  1. Charlie Spencer

    Charlie Spencer Short tracks and road courses.

    Okay, would someone explain to me why WiFi coverage at a sports venue has become a Big Deal? I ask as someone who uses his company-issued iPhone mostly to make calls, check company e-mail, and record bird sightings. What uses are WiFi-dependent?
  2. Kiante

    Kiante Team Owner

    Social media applications, more ability of uses in pushing NASCAR on major social media means more clicks for NASCAR. More clicks means more attention for teams and sponsor visibility.

    Especially with younger fans going out, the use of Wi-Fi has damn near become a standard. I'd love to post videos and such on social media, even though most I know don't give a damn. It could create interest in possible new fans. They might find it interesting and be willing to see more.

    Oh btw, General Tire resigned with ARCA until 2024:
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  3. kyle busch 18

    kyle busch 18 1ST PLACE!

    You dont need wifi to get on your phones internet or social media you can still do all that as long as your phone has service so again whats the need for wifi?
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  4. Kiante

    Kiante Team Owner

    Less use of personal data, for instance I do not have an unlimited data service. Its never really unlimited, its capped at a certain point and data is then throttled down.

    Wi-Fi pretty much makes sharing, liking, and all that good stuff easier for those who do not have unlimited data usage.
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  5. Charlie Spencer

    Charlie Spencer Short tracks and road courses.

    Okay, so it's shifting the upfront costs to the venue instead of the user paying the cell service directly for it?

    I phrase it that way because there's no such thing as a free lunch.
  6. Turtle84

    Turtle84 gained a step

    It also acts as a backup if your data connection is slow in a certain area on your phone you have the option to switch onto a high speed Wi-Fi. With the amount of Motorhomes on the grounds it would prove useful for any touch device or laptop.
  7. aunty dive

    aunty dive Team Owner

    I finally retired my rotary phone last week.
  8. Kiante

    Kiante Team Owner

    Axalta is on Byron's car for 22 races and Bowman's for 3:

    Bowman only has about 10 races covered for the season, but knowing Hendrick they will find something for him.
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  9. Kiante

    Kiante Team Owner

  10. Turtle84

    Turtle84 gained a step

    I have a very important question regarding the departure of Monster Energy as the title sponsor and NASCAR's first year without a title sponsor, this is one of pressing need, before after and during the race there used to be a supporting cast that would wear black and green on tv commercials and on pit road, often times with black umbrellas providing crucial shade to reduce overall pre-race temperatures, it was quite effective technique that many folks appreciated, so I ask will they be returning in different colors or will there be replacements each week in a new package? I hope this time honored tradition continues. The motivation of this vital piece to my race day experience was essential, I credit it with the stabilization of last year's ratings. Please do the right thing NASCAR.
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  11. aunty dive

    aunty dive Team Owner

    ^ permit me to translate for the sea creature.

    “In the absence of Monster, will there be pit lizards?”
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  12. Charlie Spencer

    Charlie Spencer Short tracks and road courses.

    As long as there are pits, there will be pit lizards. With any luck, with the Monster bimbos gone, NASCAR's attention will return to where it should have been all along: Hooters girls.
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  13. Simple Fan

    Simple Fan First or Last

    Pretty sure Monster has said the Monster Girls are staying.
  14. StandOnIt

    StandOnIt Farm Truck

  15. Turtle84

    Turtle84 gained a step

    Nice sponsor pickup by Roush, hoping Buescher and Newman get fed some speed.

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