NASCAR’s personality problem

Driver personality should be a distant 3rd on the list of reasons to watch racing. No amount of advertising is going to change how fans truly relate to a particular driver anyway. Should Joey Logano and Denny Hamlin's sponsors force them to make more public appearances? Probably, but at the end of the day their efforts probably wouldn't amount to much at least in the short to mid-term as far as benefit to the sport in general.

Only the most popular drivers make a difference here, and you can count them on one hand now.
I was a Jeff Gordon fan growing up because of his insane talent and beating people who were old enough to be his dad, for a little tyke like me I thought that was pretty awesome, I didnt really care about his personality as I became an older kid then an adult. The Rainbow paint scheme didnt hurt I'll say that, cool to look at
Of course one doesn't have to be a "car guy" to be into racing and vice versa but I do think that most people who like watching fast cars on track also like fast road cars.
And as long as manufacturers are involved, what's happening in the car industry remains relevant for the sport.
I still like when a team with GM badging wins in any form of motorsport , and in Cup I really like when a HMS or RCR ZL1 are in Victory Lane.
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