NEW 2022 gas prices

Paid $2.96 per gallon for 87 octane in Wytheville, VA Sunday 2/19/23 at a TA truck stop.
My cheapest station went up over 50 cents in 3 weeks. It is now at $4.50. It had gone as low as $3.50 a couple of months back.
When I left town last Sunday the price had dropped to $4.27 but when I arrived at my destination 150 miles northeast the price was $4.59. I will see if it goes up or down when I head back south in a week or two...or three. :D
They did exactly what they are suppose to do, it's business. It is called getting a return on your investment.
They are subsidized double dippers operating with the perks of socialism while extracting maximum profits. I dont l
blame them for wanting all the money they can get it is human nature.

But the government benefits they are taking advantage of should have some built in accountability. They shouldn't be able to double dip and get it both ways without some expectations.

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