New "what are you listening to thread"

My daughter just mentioned this singer and when I listened to a few of her songs feel she is on track to be on a par with Ella Fitzgerald and Sarah Vaughn. She is young and can only grow as her voice and style mature. If you can see it in this vocal, listen to more of her songs. I found her addictive.
I like the second cut with a boss a nova slant. ^^ Ha, Ha right after I posted she said boss a nova lol.
Sitting at the bar while staying at the Acapulco Princess drinking a cold coco loco and listening to the house band.


^ Merry Christmas from the family"

Trashy, redneck, tacky, whatever Christmas so beautifully done.
This young man has talent but in one song the arrangement is special. Listen closely around 2:05 and get the feeling you are surrounded. Works much better with headphones than listening w/phone or laptop.

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