NFL 2021-22

I think they should just do away with the OT coin toss. The team that had the most yards of offense in regulation gets the ball first in OT.

I agree that it would be better to have it determined by some competitive metric, but I'm not sure offensive yards feels like the right one, nor can I think of a better one off the top of my head.
probably not realistic but take a page out of the XFL's book and have 2 player's race for it, the jump ball of football.

So now we know WHY the Dolphins didn't want Deshaun Watson (well, another reason why...) and another reason they canned Flores. They were all-in on trying to get the super duo of Sean Payton and Tom Brady for next season. Super Bowl coach, multiple Super Bowl winning QB, Gronk would've followed along if he could find his football pants, and then the later addition of Tyreek Hill?

The Dolphins would've made some noise next season; the division would've been between them and the Bills imo.
Month away until the Hall of Fame Game preseason opener in Ohio.

Not sure on new thread or what but yeah
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