NFL 2022-23

The difference was pretty apparent last night after watching Tirico. Although I think the ****** TNF slate this season zapped Al of a lot of his enthusiasm, and Tony Dungy doesn’t work as an in-game analyst at all. Probably not a great pairing to randomly throw together for one game.

I was in the minority when Mike Tirico was named Al Michaels' replacement. It was nice to hear Al Michaels on broadcast television once more, but I like Mike Tirico and Cris Colinsworth.
In regards to Mike McDaniels and the Dolphins getting 1st and 4th down confused (lmao), one of my biggest pet peeves is some of these head coaches have their damn noses buried in their play charts and have no game/situational awareness.

Last year Sirianni either A. willingly gave up or B. was told by our GM (neither has been confirmed by reporters) to give up play calling and our offense/game management has been soooo much better because of it.



Aaron Rogers , If Baltimore had 15 years of Rogers, TB might've been just another QB... What's Mike Tomlin?

I agree with this. I don't think Harbaugh's the problem.

Dude is 147-95, has only had two losing seasons, and one could argue that he's never had a franchise quarterback in that time. Joe Flacco was an above-average quarterback, Lamar Jackson's a hell of an athlete but I've always thought he was a running back who could throw the ball.
I was as well. Mike Tirico is fantastic and has been superior to Michaels for quite some time.

I feel like most announcers in broadcasting would've been way more excited during that epic second-half comeback by the Jags than Al Michaels was. Even on the walk-off field goal, he was flat and more focused on the meaningless flag on the play.

Tony Dungy was okay, about what I expected. Not every color commentator can be insightful and entertaining the way Tony Romo and Cris Colinsworth can be.
Blatant hold missed. Anthony Nelson was being held onto for dear life.

Whatever man, I hope Vegas is happy.
other than kicker, Dallas putting the 'they don't play well on real grass' narrative to bed tonight.
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