NFL 2022-23

Reid is a great coach and doing what he’s done at two different franchises is proof of it. I think Mahomes is what puts the team over the top though, his arm strength and improvisation/raw playmaking ability are pretty much unparalleled. He’d immediately raise the ceiling on almost any other team out there like he did succeeding Alex Smith (who was not a bad QB at all).

Patrick Mahomes is the most talented QB in the NFL ... no contest.

But I agree that Andy Reid is more impactful. Even before Mahomes, the Chiefs were in the playoffs every year. Reid is a hell of a coach. He did a great job with Alex Smith, and he's got a system where the Chiefs could win playoff games with Chad Henne, who is 18-36 as a starter.

You also have to credit the front office. They manage to find ways to keep a strong supporting cast around Mahomes without being in salary cap hell despite the massive contract they've given him.
I think Frank Reich is a good coach. Irsay is the problem.

But David Tepper is just like Jim Irsay in the ways that matter on the field. He always loves to make a splash. And the franchise has objectively gone downhill since he bought the team.

They had a good thing going with Steve Wilks. Why change that?
Bulletin board material for Joe Burrow and company.

Rooting for the Bengals and Eagles to advance today. Bengals because I dislike Patrick Mahomes more than Joe Burrow. No reason more than that. Eagles just because I think they've got the best chance of winning over either the Chiefs or Bengals in a couple weeks. Regardless of the outcome, I just hope we've got a couple good games to watch today.

I'm just saying Niners fans the last team that tried that before an NFC championship game in Philly got smoked 38-7
It was an unbelievable catch untill it wasn't a catch. Still counted though. Sucked for 49er games out there. Better be quicker on the challenge flag next time.
Eagles could easily be up big right now, not really taking advantage of 49ers in disarray
Random thought but it's crazy how Brett Favre went like 18 years without missing a game and these days it's rare to see a guy go 2-3 years without missing a start even though the roughing the passer rules are so soft
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