NFL 2022-23

SF shots themselves in the dick when they put all of their trust in Jimmy G.
He was never a starter quality QB.
Offensive line, who is supposed to protect the quarterback, just stands there and let’s their quarterbacks keep getting killed on field.

But sure. Jimmy G is the problem.
Need some good long clock burning drives. Eagles aren't playing their best game today but it's in their hands to control at this point.
Must be nice to have three favorite teams.
I only have one favorite, spanky.
How many yards has S.F. given away on Defense today?
Annnnddd, another penalty...
Niners coming apart no need for that hit.
I feel bad for the Niners they didn't get a fair shot with the injuries. Purdy doesn't look like he can throw because otherwise they wouldn't keep running.
49ers are pathetic losers. At least one score was given to the Eagles due to penalties.
While I personally enjoy watching the 49ers melt down, if the Chiefs can win, they would have had a lot better shot against them than the Eagles. Same for the Bengals.
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