NFL 2023-2024

Brilliantly executed by the Browns. I didn't think they were going to snap it, I'm not sure anyone did. Great read by Flacco. It is wild that the Browns are better with the ancient veteran who nobody wanted at the start of the year than with the guy they fully guaranteed five years to.
Change your attitude then! Your negativity is rubbing off on me!

Nah, I’ve always been like this. A couple years ago, I packed up all my Lions stuff and was VERY CLOSE to trashing it all and calling it quits. It gets hard to deal with the same nonsense year after year.
Chicago just embarrassed Detroit. And the Detroit Lions Facebook page is trying to sugarcoat it by posting all these useless stats and records, all while the team is being destroyed.
Player steps out of bounds.

Charles Davis: The clock should have kept running.

At one point, he even explained that the refs shouldn’t call penalties against the Browns because their aggression causes them to commit more penalties.

Charles Davis is so bad.
I'm not sure what the deal is with the Rams' punt returner, but i think they need a new one.
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