NFL 2023-2024

13-13 against Chicago? Sounds about right. Any given Sunday…I know, I know! But man, it shouldn’t be as hard as Detroit makes it.
Joe Burrow was a massive overpay. Cincinnati looks just as good with Browning in at QB.
Not at all. When he’s healthy he’s easily a top 3-5 QB. By the time his cap hit really goes up in 2025 the cap will be up something like 25% from today with all of the TV revenue coming in from the deals that start this season.
At the rate hes going Super Bowl 100 is in reach
Yeah, he’s still far from perfect, inconsistent and still a bit turnover-prone, but his completion percentage, yards per attempt, and passer rating have gone up each season. Would make less sense to take on another risk at QB in the first two picks of the draft next year.
The booth says “Goff and company still in this game.” I appreciate the optimism, but no they aren’t.
Well it’s probably not too different a situation than against the Bears just a few weeks ago, when the Lions scored 17 or whatever in the final three minutes.
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