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All great looking dragsters. Really appreciate showing us what you do. I don't have the patience to get too involved in anything and it is so nice to see what others do for a hobby. 👍
Magnethead started this thread a couple of years ago and a few members here showed some interest in it, so I try to add to it when I have the time. The week after I retired from Jim Dunn Racing at the end of the 2019 season, I headed to a slot car race in NC, and I have pretty much raced somewhere on a Wed, Thur, Fri, or Sat just about every week since except during the height of the pandemic. I think I have taken maybe 3 weeks off since then. I went out of town to a race last Sun and then on the way home I stopped off at my buddy's cabin in northern California for some relaxation until I head home next Wed to get ready for a big race on Fri and Sat. I think when most people think about slot cars, they think of a track on the living room floor, but it is much more than that. Some racers don't leave home without 10 to 15 thousand dollars' worth of cars, parts, and tools in their boxes when they head to a race. You have normal every week races at the local tracks and then you have bigger money races like the 1/25th Million in Jan in southern Indiana that will pay over $30,000 and will pull in over 1000 cars, or the one I'm going to next week in southern California that will pay $3,000 to the winner and 1,500 to the runner up.
I had a great time at the race this past weekend but came up a little short again. I won the run closest to your dial at Bracket Bash-1 earlier in the year, but I missed winning run closest to your dial on Fri night by .001. Then on Saturday there were over 300 cars in the bracket race, and we started racing at 1.00 pm and finished at 1.30 am Sunday morning. I had the same results I had at the earlier one this year I made it to the bottom 6 cars which is one round from the money rounds. I ran a good enough number that if I would have had a .004 better light than I would have won that round and have a bye run to the final round. But I was eliminated by .004. That's 2 big money races this year that I let get away from me by less than .005 in the bottom rounds. But thats now it's time to get ready for the next one. :)
I haven’t been to Piranha Speedway in a while so I decided to go race there tonight and I walked away with a clean sweep.
^^^^The first Top Fuel Funny Car I ever saw run was the Blue Max at the Bradenton Fla. drag strip^^^^^, wowed the SH*T out of me. :punkrocke He and the Gold Coast Duster went head to head.
^^^^The first Top Fuel Funny Car I ever saw run was the Blue Max at the Bradenton Fla. drag strip^^^^^, wowed the SH*T out of me. :punkrocke He and the Gold Coast Duster went head to head.
I will never forget when Beadle got out of shape against Segrini in 1982 in Gainesville FL.

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There are going to be some good races coming up in the next few months. This coming weekend will be the Fall Funnycar Classic at Buena Park Raceway and then next Friday night will be the start of a bracket racing point series’s at Buena Park Raceway that will last through the middle of January which will end just in time for everyone to get ready to head to southern Indiana for the million. On November 26th the 2nd annual Turkey Shootout bracket race will be held at Piranha Speedway.
It would have been a really close race if Ken had not pulled a .005 redlight in the finals which gave me the win last Saturday night at Buena Park Raceway.

There is another good turnout of racers testing for tomorrow’s Fall Funnycar Classic which is going to be at Buena Park Raceway this year. My delivery of snacks just arrived so I’m good for the weekend. 😃
Good photos. Like to see what equipment, cars and carrying cases along with setup bench and track look like. Hope you do well and bring home the big $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.
My pit area is set up and the track temp is a nice cool 70 deg at 9:25 am. That is a perfect temp. It is only going to be 72 today so they won’t need air conditioning so the track should stay pretty consistent.
Vince Ito is in the building already hard at work. Vince is the Chip Foose of Slotcars. Vince and his brother Mark builds some of the most beautiful Slotcars on the planet. They have also promoted some of the best races on the West Coast.
Vince and Scott Stevens doing a shakedown run. Scott was drafted by the Raiders in 1987 and then played linebacker for Greenbay for 5 years and 1 year with the Rams. I have probably raced either Scott or Vince in more final rounds then any other racer I can think of.

Another great race is in the books until this time next year. I had a pretty good day. I entered 4 classes and went to the finals in all 4. I won the 1.150 Funnycar —runner up in 1.090 Funnycar—runner up in Funnycar Brackets—and then after the Funnycar race was over we decided to have a run any type of car Bracket race winner take all and I won that race also. Some days luck just goes your way. But a lot of days it doesn’t. So you have to enjoy it while you can. 😃
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