Off season topic:Fav colour for a NASCAR race car?


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Feb 21, 2014
Mine is:
I didnt like Jeff Gs rainbow machine. it made me want to puke,
Color or livery? Pure color alone I like a dark metallic blue, like the original NAPA schemes for MWR and Chase's Xfinity and rookie Cup cars. My favorite liveries have little to no blue which I admit is weird. I was always a sucker for Bill Elliott's Coors #9 and Jeff Burton's Exide schemes.




(The 25 car scheme for Chase's limited season was so much better looking imho than those that came after. That NAPA blue absolutely pops in person.)
I also always liked DWs Bud and Tide schemes. Bobby Allison Coke cars. I'm getting off topic here. Just thinking of some of the old cars I thought were cool.
A soft spot for the Day glo green of godaddy....

There have been so many great looking cars over the years, it's hard to pick a favorite. As far as colors go I like orange a lot, but I like a lot of various paint schemes of many different colors. DW has two of my favorites...


Blue or purple and white. My man Larson had a few really good ones this year, especially the DC Solar car he ran at the Clash and his Vegas Strong scheme. Blaney's PPG scheme this year was sexy. Some other good ones from this year were Bubba's Click and Close car, Jimmie's 600 car and Kenseth's Wyndham car. My favorite from the past is Burton's 2000 Exide car. Don't think that one will ever be topped for me.
Oh boy, SO many favorites. Number one in my mind is the original 2001 Jeff Gordon fire and flames scheme. MUCH better than the rainbow. I am also a huge fan of the reverse colors Performance Alliance schemes where the flames were blue and the car was red.

Top ten in no particular order:

2001- Jeff Gordon Dupont 24 Chevy
mid-2000's Jeff Gordon Dupont Performance Alliance Chevy
Darrrell Waltrip Western Auto Chevy
Dale Earnhardt Goodwrench #3
Harry Gant 1982-1983 Skoal Bandit Buick
1982 Ricky Rudd Piedmont Monte Carlo SS
Cale Yarborough late 70's Busch Beer Olds 442
Ryan Blaney 2018 PPG Ford (Heck, I like almost ALL of the Penske cars, but especially Blaney's cars).
Bobby Allison 1972 Coke Machine Monte Carlo
1983-1985 Tim Richmond Old Milwaukee Pontiac.

Honorable mention:
David Pearson Wood Brothers Purolator cars
1982-1985 Bobby Allison Miller Buicks
1986 Tim Richmond Folgers Monte Carlo w/gold foil car numbers
1983-1984 Cale Yarborough Hardees Monte Carlo
Early 2000's DEI cars, I liked all three, and liked that they all had a common design theme. You knew a DEI car when you saw it.
1991-1993 Rusty Wallace MGD Pontiac
1984 Darrelll Waltrip/Neil Bonnett Bud cars with the bowtie shaped Bud emblem on the hood.
Mid 70's James Hylton Nitro 9 cars
Late 70's Richard Childress CRC Chemicals Monte Carlo

I'm sure I'm missing a lot, but it's a start. My favorite race car colors, in fact favorite colors are in order; metallic blue, metallic red, charcoal gray and black. I normally don't like green, yellow and orange, BUT they can be used to great effect on a race car.
YES. The original Havoline scheme as seen above was one of the all time greats. They kind of went down hill from there.
I like most colours especially bright ones but to me the scheme makes or breaks it more than the colours. Kyle Busch always has bright good looking cars except for that striped Interstate car didn’t care for that scheme.
That #2 black and gold miller car Brad Keselowski drove at Darlington this year might just be my favorite, I loved that car.

One thing about the Tide car, you never missed it on the track, holy crap that thing was bright seeing it in person.
Thanks for the response to this thread. Love reading what people think.
If teams had creativity with the lights(like blacking out completely), alot of cars could look so much better.

Also, does anyone know if Texaco/Havoline had a gold color scheme company-wide at this time or was it just the NASCAR team running it?.. because it looked fantastic!

I’ve always liked yellow cars. Some of my favorites: the #4 Kodak car, pretty much any Pennzoil car, Derrike Cope’s #98 Bojangle’s car, and Bobby Hamilton’s #68 Country Time Lemonade car.
DW's Western car is my all time favorite scheme and
any car Penske gets into victory lane. :D
I can’t say I have any favorite colors but the last schemes I really liked were the #29 Cartoon Network Chevy’s driven by Steve Grissom and Robert Presley. There are many others I liked before that time and there are probably some good ones today too. With all the switching around of sponsors and schemes on cars today not much registers with me other than the 11, 18 and 48
Petty Racing blue
The rainbow warriors car
the Tide car
the Texaco car
the Valvoline car
the Target car
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