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I click on Microsoft, then Microsoft Word (I have the 2010 version but they should all work) copy and paste the picture to the word document then copy and paste it to thread reply. It's the only way that I've been able to copy and paste pictures and documents.
Unlike 10-4, I do almost everything on a desktop. I can live with being unable to upload from my phone as long as I can somehow do it eventually. Let's see if this works:

EDIT: It didn't. When I pasted here from Word, the image appeared briefly, then disappeared after a few seconds. If I worked fast, I could click 'Post Reply' before the image disappeared in the compose windows, but it still was gone when the post loaded.
Yeah that doesn't work. I'd refer you to what Charlie Spencer said.
Yeah, I can't upload regardless of the source of the image or file type. I don't want to use a third-party site or create another account to keep up with, esp. when the mechanisms all appear to be in place to make it work without one. Since it doesn't work on my phone (Safari) or desktop (Vivaldi), I assume it isn't a browser problem.

Eh, I'll get over it.
This is on topic as we were on our way to LVMS from Los Angeles.
Our buddy Paul drove @BobbyFord and myself to Vegas and he wanted to stop for breakfast in Barstow, CA.
After we finished breakfast we went to get gas and encountered this dude that we have named Barstow Bob.

Sad, but he is a visual commentary of the times we live in....


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I'd be more sympathetic if the guy didn't look like it had been a while since he missed a meal.
Atlanta race weekend 2019 - the pic from the grandstands was during cup race on Sunday and the pic of my boy with Chase was at a local Napa store where Chase was signing autographs on Saturday.

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Atlanta race weekend 2019 (our home track) - the pic from the grandstands was during the cup race on Sunday and the pic of my boy with Chase was at a local Napa store where Chase was signing autographs on Saturday.

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Darlington 2019 - took my Dad and my son this year. This is the same track I attended my first race at with my Dad about 20 years ago. He's a Ford man. We all are really. We all love Chase though, since he's the son of Awesome Bill and blood is thicker than water.

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Talladega Fall 2019 - that new "Garage Experience" set-up they have is incredible - the little kids love it. Definitely worth the price. We barely even went to our grandstand seats because it's so cool down there. Also met a really cool NASCAR blogger named Eric Estep. He has a YouTube channel called "Out of the Groove" with great NASCAR content. Definitely check him out if you get the chance.

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Took all 3 of my littles to "Speedway Christmas" at Charlotte Motor Speedway on December 6, 2019. Really incredible lights show and fun Christmas Village set up at the end. highly recommend. We were in town for the weekend for the ACC Championship football game and we also went to the NASCAR Hall of Fame on Sunday, where my boy found the greatest racer of all time - Lighting McQueen.

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Finally found a site I can upload my pics from my cell. Here’s the 2019 Daytona 500 from the Rolex lounge.


They had a pop up shop in the Rolex lounge and holy cow the prices on some of the things . $105 for a no name daytona 500 polo, $175 for a hoodie and $37 for a hat. If you ever get a chance to sit up there highly recommend the turkey.
I'm back at work tomoro for my 6 day shift and then I'm off work for 3 shifts. So 18 plus 9 equals 27 days.
Actually 18 plus 12 is 30 days
I hope I still have leave for the Fall Vegas race. :D
We have our own headsets and RE3000 scanner which does all of that except for race stats, laps, and TV screen with replay. The fanvision TV screen seems like it would be a nice feature to have at a superspeedway. I suppose that'll be a race day decision for us whether or not we rent and try fanvision leaving our RC stuff in the car. Appreciate your input.
I think fan vision would be most valuable at the road courses. Maybe not Charlotte because you can see the whole Roval if you're high in the grandstands, but definitely at Watkins Glen and Sonoma.
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View attachment 45600 I have always wanted to attend a Daytona 500 race and I finally made it. I flew into Daytona and stayed at the best western on Daytona beach. I watched the duals, trucks, xfinity and cup race and enjoyed every one. It was worth every penny. I would like to thank NASCAR and the drivers for letting us average folks get so close to them and the cars. Here's a few pics from Daytona 2020
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