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    ...and the thing is, he practically did by giving everyone free access to the drivers meeting and pre race pit access. Andy was one of the main reasons I went because I know he threw his heart and soul into trying to bring the Rock back. Sure racing has those with the big dollars, but generally for me it is people like Andy, Tommy Baldwin and Jennifer Jo Cobb that I thoroughly enjoy supporting.
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    Honestly, someone rich should open up a Boston Motor Speedway here and get that on the tour.

    It would be a HUGE draw here. Racing isn't popular up north here..like at all.. I've met maybe 20 NASCAR fans in MA in my life... But people here in Boston are so full of themselves/looking for a good time, that a race in Boston would fill up very quick, just because we would rationalize it as Boston being special/using it as an ego trip.

    Barstool sports with Matty D shows how Boston sports fans can hop on the racing bandwagon.

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    I would think the racing market is covered adequately by Loudon, but you're talking about casual fans. I suspect if Boston gets a track, New York City will insist on building one too. Personally, I think there are plenty of tracks on the schedule already, and plenty of existing ones without dates that deserve to be there.
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    I am. A track in NH isn't going to pull people from Boston into the stands. But I assure you that a race in Boston would fill up. Also, Boston's reputation as arguably the biggest most hated sports town in the US, there could be a lot of draw to a NASCAR race here. Local news stations would eat it up.

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    Go, Bruins!
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    I went to Loudon and stayed in Boston. There were a few race fans in town.
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    Those were the days.
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    Loading up into the wrong haulers, It sounds like this is being done because of the recent hauler accidents to ensure that one car would show up. ( from reddit)
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    Now that's a plan.
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    Still in good spirits they are
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    The censorship is unreal. That was Matt Tifft and Cory LaJoie
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    Also, a reminder that Daytona's new summer date is right in the middle of the peak of Hurricane season. Calling it right now, a Hurricane will threaten Daytona Beach that weekend and NASCAR will be forced to postpone the race due to their own stupidity and the fact that Florida Power & Light uses DIS as a staging point for equipment and linemen, in the event a Hurricane does threaten Florida
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    It's asinine that they moved the Firecracker 400 out of the 4th of July weekend. There are just races you don't mess with in terms of dates/tradition such as the World 600 (and Monaco & IMS), Firecracker 400, & Southern 500.

    I like the idea of the Brickyard having lights, but I'd like it to be a late July / early August night race like it was.

    I have no idea what they will do if it gets postponed because of a hurricane, have a 4 race round with this playoff??
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    Can we finish voting on 2019's Bold Predictions before we start trotting out 2020's? It's not as if the July holiday weekend weather was always blue skies and sunshine. It's not like that's the only place to park utility trucks.
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    is this a preview of the 2021 Mustang :p

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    Why can't NASCAR sign their toy rights in general to Mattel again? Hot Wheels would be a great toy partner, and could really help the sport grow with the younger audience. The way they did in the 90s
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    I just hope they'll have to postpone that race for several weeks.
    There could be a chance 2020 will be the last season of the playoff era.
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    Some cool stats on the season.

    Kyle Busch had the most top 10s (27), the most laps led (1,582) and the best average finish (8.9).

    • Busch’s average finish is the best for a Cup Series champion since he won the title with an average finish of 8.2 in 2015. However, Busch’s average finish was 0.6 spots lower than his average finish in 2018 when he finished fourth in the points standings.

    • Three drivers led over 1,000 laps in 2019: Busch, Martin Truex Jr. and Brad Keselowski.

    • Corey LaJoie was the only driver to compete in all 36 races and not lead a lap.

    Ryan Newman led the fewest laps of any playoff driver. He led 19 circuits. The playoff driver with the second-fewest laps led was Clint Bowyer at 138.

    • Newman gained the most positions of any full-time driver per race. He had an average qualifying position of 19.9 and an average finishing position of 14.4.

    • His teammate Ricky Stenhouse Jr. led everyone else going the other direction. Stenhouse had the greatest discrepancy between his qualifying position (15.1) and his finishing position (20.5).

    • Every Stewart-Haas Racing driver had a higher average qualifying position than an average finish.

    Paul Menard had an average starting position of 16.6. He had an average finish of 16.6. He finishes his career with an average starting position of 20.0 and an average finishing position of 20.2.

    Joey Logano and Ty Dillon were the only two drivers to finish every single race in 2019. Logano completed 10,221 laps while Dillon completed 10,171 laps.

    • Logano led the series in miles completed at 13,739.73. Menard, of course, was second at 13,714.79.

    • Michael McDowell completed the fewest laps of any full-time driver. He ran 9,366 laps.

    • Landon Cassill was running at the finish of 32 of 36 races. But he had the worst average finish of any driver who competed in all 36 races at 29.3. He also completed the fewest miles of any full-time Cup Series driver at 12,461.83.

    • Busch had the most lead-lap finishes with 31. Cassil had the fewest with four. Among full-time drivers scoring points in the Cup Series, David Ragan was last with six.

    • 2019 was the first season since NASCAR implemented playoff points in 2017 where a playoff driver did not have more than 50 playoff points. Busch led the series with 44 playoff points.

    • The eight top-five finishes Kyle Larson had in 2019 were the fewest since he had two top-five finishes in 2015. Larson has made the playoffs in every season since 2015.

    • Clint Bowyer scored just one playoff point. That was fewer playoff points than both Austin Dillon and Ty Dillon scored (2) and the same number of playoff point(s) that Jimmie Johnson scored. Neither of the Dillons or Johnson made the playoffs. Bowyer did and finished 9th in the standings.

    • Denny Hamlin led the series with 19 top-five finishes. Just nine drivers had 10 or more top fives. That’s one more driver with 10 or more top fives than in 2018.

    • Eighteen drivers had 10 or more top-10 finishes. Fifteen drivers had 10 or more top 10s in 2018.

    • Five drivers had 20 or more top-10 finishes. That’s the fewest number of drivers with 20 or more top 10s since 2013.

    • Justin Haley became the first driver since Brian Vickers in 2013 to win a Cup race while not being eligible for Cup Series points.

    • The Spire No. 77 that Haley flukishly drove to victory lane at Daytona had a second-best finish of 23rd in 2019. It finished the season with five other finishes inside the top 30 and failed to finish eight of the final 10 races of the season. The No. 77 was also parked twice for being too slow (Dover spring, Kansas fall)

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    MAGICMILER #18 Champion

    Anyone else wondering when the Xfinity race starts today?....
  26. Charlie Spencer

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    Right after final Cup practice. Geez, everybody knows that.
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    They would, there would be no open date, until after the "finale" at ISM
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    This is a better clip of the record

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    I’m so lost w/o NASCAR racing today.
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    And people want it to end by labor day...no thank you.
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    I just watched the 2006 Atlanta IROC race, the last IROC event ever.
    Not a huge different to Cup this year except there was a bigger crowd.
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    I’m not one of those, I actually am a fan of the current schedule. I try not to complain too much about things I don’t agree with in the sport or dislike but one thing keeps me coming back...it’s racing....and I love Racing.
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    Think I might hop in the time machine known as YouTube and watch a random late 80’s race from North Wilkesboro, the fall 94 Rockingham race or a random 80’s race from Bristol.
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    Okay just wanted to ask if the 2019 award ceremony for the drivers I know that the truck and Xfinity have already had theres.
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    Credit to NASCAR Most Wanted Memes on Facebook

    "You spoke and NASCAR listened. You wanted to see vehicles on the track that resemble what you see on the street. Welcome the NASCAR TESLA TRUCK SERIES." FB_IMG_1574703611444.jpg
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    Obviously an mistake; that has 15" wheels.
  40. Kiante

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    Talk about a spec series, goodness.

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