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    There's nothing wrong with having a disagreement. We're on this forum because we love or at one point loved stock car racing. I can go back and forth with about anybody and still set down and eat a cheeseburger with them. Heck, it's just an internet forum about racing. There's some very knowledgeable folks on here. For the most part, I enjoy it.
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  2. Hawaii808

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    Mid-summer now, is it too early to discuss Silly Season for the 2019 season?

    Will Kurt be in the #41?

    What about all that Dodge talk from a few months ago?

    Who's going to sponsor the #48?
  3. 4tires17gals

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    Hopes dodge returns, it drives much better than a Ford
  4. Truex_rox

    Truex_rox 19 looks better than ever.

    I have to say, Kurt's place in the #41 just seems precarious. I'm not saying that he has not been doing well - in fact, he's doing better now than he was last year - nevertheless, he always seems to come straight out of gate with some speed, then fades away in the latter half of the race most of the time, just like at Chicagoland. He goes from being pipped by his team-mate Harvick for a stage-win to going a lap down late on in the race. I think he finished 17th. Also, yet again, he is currently going a year without a victory, which really sucks!
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    Has the board fired Denny Hamlin yet?
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  6. jws926

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    Adam Stern seem's to think so

    FCA and the Dodge brand is not returning as of right now anytime soon.
    Who ever writes HMS a check with the correct combination of numbers on it.
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  7. StandOnIt

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    Rumors say Cole Custer SHR's favorite son is going to move up to cup is about the only rumor I see for SHR lately. We can play who is going to be the affiliate for that bunch.
  8. Revman

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    Thought that I heard on NASCAR Radio that everybody would be back?
  9. StandOnIt

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    slow down and read Rev..see affiliate. Custer is already running a couple races for Rick Ware (junk) sponsored by Haas. The rumor is Custer is moving to cup. It has to be an affiliate car of some kind if that rumor is true.
  10. Revman

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  11. StandOnIt

    StandOnIt Farm Truck

    yeah it isn't nothing but a rumor nothing has been announced.
  12. jws926

    jws926 I need to think of something new for here

    It could very well another a FRR/JGR type deal , and Cole will will move over to SHR when a seat opens up, no way to do I see SHR booting out a driver to bring him in just yet.
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    That may be the reason why they will extend Kurt Bush's contract another year. Makes sense to keep him 1 yr and see how the kid does.
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  14. Hawaii808

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    You could take Kurt putting his NC house up for sale as a “tell” toward retirement. Our it could be a result of a contract “haircut “.
  15. StandOnIt

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    His wife is filthy rich and owns polo ponies, I don't think the deathbed applies in this case.
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  16. Hawaii808

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    True dat! A upgrade in all avenues after PD. Helluva rebound.
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  17. StandOnIt

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    she is a Ralph Loren model also. It's no wonder he kinda looks starry eyed all the time. :D
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  18. Thegeneral23

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    It’s Ralph Lauren and no she isn’t .. she sponsored by polo association, two totally different brands by a long shot
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  19. StandOnIt

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    says here she is/was

    Ashley Van Metre, is accomplished in the art of moving in high cotton circles. Did I mention she’s an accomplished Polo player and a Ralph Lauren model?
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  20. LouieLouie

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    Home Depot to the 48.

    Kyle Larson to the 5!
  21. FLRacingFan

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