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You have to come up with at least five words to a song that contains the last WORD in the line in the last post. An Example would be...

"Lighten up Baby I'm In Love With You"
"I'd rather be a lonesome pine..."

Blue Highway, "I'd Rather Be A Lonesome Pine". Yeah, I know it's the title, but that's what popped into me head.
Originally posted by nascat22
I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry - Hank Williams
Nascat...It has to contain the last word in the previous line. In this case it would be pine
"higher than the PINE tree growin' tall upon the hill"-Randy Travis
Oops, Sorry:eek:
How about

The fool on the HILL sees the sun going down...- Beatles
Nascat...No problem at all:)

"That's a cold shot BABY"---SRV
All the way home I drove 80, becase she wanted to see her Baby --- Some Country Singer
Blake Shelton sings The Baby, the Cd is actually being released tomorrow.
"We've got tonight babe, why don't you stay?"---Bob Segar
"Its been so long since Ive been home, so I know I will be home when I see that yellow ribbon around that old oak tree" -- I have no idea eather :p
(Tony Orlando sung that)

There's a TREE out in the backyard that never has been broken by the wind.... - Tanya Tucker
I can hear the WIND outside my window... Kathy Mattea
I'm blue with a blue little house with a blue little window..
"light from my window sill, make my way to the door. I hang my head and still, I know you're wanting more"---The Waiting
I'd hold you every second say a million I love you's that's what I'd do with one more day with you - dimaond rio
Well LIFE on the farm is kinda laid back... - (Thank God I'm a Country Boy- John Denver)
I keep a close watch on this heart of mine. (Johnny Cash)
She's mine, she's my all, she's evrything to me- Steel Heart
Sorry nascat, refer to my sig. lets try, they'll never take her love from me (Hank sr.)
Thanks :D

In the event of something happening to ME, there is something I would like you all to see... - Bee Gees
"Higher than a jet PLANE with you" from Auto Pilot by Queens of the Stone Age
YOU are the one...the one I make my dreams come true.
True to your heart, you must be true to your heart -- 98degrees and Steve Wonder
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