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Add me to the broken "HEART"s you've collected...
When my composure slips While you're collected and cool I make a fool of myself. ---- Frankie Valli
Rover????? Care to pick another lyric, Spok or this might be a very short game... :p
Originally posted by spok4@Feb 12 2003, 06:57 AM
wimps :p

Red rover red rover send her right over ( :ph34r: :lol2: )
u didn't like that one?

I herd this one at work --

Roll over rover lets do it d-gy style

"...can't you tell that they're out of STYLE? How about a set of white-wall tires? Are you gonna cruise the miracle mile?" --Billy Joel...Still Rock-N-Roll to me
"Just yesterday mornin' they let me know you were gone''---'Fire and Rain' by James Taylor
"Won't you tell me, where have all the good times gone?"

Van Halen
"Where have all the flowers gone? the girls picked them one by one.
"One of these of these crazy noghts....we're gonna find one...ooh one that really screams...." The Eagles
"And I love it like a baby screams, It's so useless, how can you be proud?" ---The Cure
I'm PROUD to be an American, where at least I know I'm free- Lee Greenwood
"You smoke the days last cigarette, remembering what she said"---Turn The Page by Bob Segar and later by Metallica
"I said, Baby baby don't ya hesitate, 'cause I just can't wait..."

KISS, C'mon And Love Me
"Now we are gonna talk about the postman who brings the paper in the morning"---Postman by Rasmus
"I saw my baby early this morning, she was walking on down the street"---The Sky Is Crying by Stevie Ray Vaughan
And on the eighth day, God created Rock and roll...

KISS (of course) :p :jamming: :headbang:
The mad hatter he waits for alice to come to tea AGAIN, he waits forever for his old lover.

(marcy playground, sherry frazier)
"Do you lover? Whad you wanna go and do that for?"---Lover by Michael Stanley Band
You weren't there for me, I was there for you. (3 doors down)
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