Super Bowl LVI

Nice square rectangular shapes for the stage.
Dre looks good. Solid performance by all and good energy. Mary J. Blige was singing live and you could tell, it sounded raw but real. With Eminem, I couldn't tell how much of that was actually live, he was definitely rapping with a backing vocal track. Kendrick Lamar sounded great.
Well three of them are in their 50s and eminem will be 50 this year. Just saying you're probably closer to the age demographic they are going for. Kids don't listen to any of those artists except maybe Kendrick.
I don’t really listen to rap/hip-hop at all but I think Kendrick Lamar is the only one people my age listen to. I previously knew of all the performers except Mary J. Blige but I probably could name like two or three songs between all of them combined.
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