Super Bowl LVI

Al Michaels has called his last game, too.

I need a moment... Holy **** indeed.
He’s been in talks with Amazon for TNF next season, although that seems like a package that’s a little beneath a guy of his caliber. Apparently it includes the opportunity to call a few games for NBC still though, including a playoff game.
That was a great game! Congratulations to the Rams on their first Super Bowl win since the year 2000, and props to the Bengals for going further than I think anyone could possibly have imagined that they would go this year!

The halftime show was pretty good, for a Super Bowl halftime show, anyway. (They're not really for me in general - I've always found it jarring how they hop around quickly from song to song.) I think they've been solid for at least the last few years.

I picked a really good time to start watching football. I might check this stuff out again next season. 👍
The post season playoffs have been great this year. The best post season I can think of, there were so many great games.
Big plays and great defensive gsmes too.
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