The Clash race thread..

We might still be running this race in a week and a half.
I’m just gonna keep posting this for every yellow
So what’s worse for The Busch Clash…watching them wreck every 3 laps at the Coliseum or riding around at Daytona till 3 to go.
Wow where was the 22 planning on going there?

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Can we count caution laps until 20 to go or whatever next time this is painful
I gotta get up at 4 am come on boys

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If they’re thinking of shelving Fontana forever for this…whatever this is….I’d say they should change their thinking quickly.
This is beginning to be a farce. And I LOVE short-track racing.
I hope we don't do this next year. Go somewhere else.
And it is definitely a full moon. Just walked outside --- bright.
We might run so many unscored caution laps that they'll have to throwna caution to allow everyone to refuel. 🤣
Haley having a nice night, I almost made my bold prediction of him winning a race this year. I think he’s a good racer
They need to crank it up more. I still can barely hear them!
I’m procrastinating studying for this Calculus test by watching this but I’m not sure this will wrap up by 8:15 tomorrow morning
It's calculus either you get it or you don't

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