The Clash race thread..

It’s always cool when I see spotter’s names for the drivers and I recognize them. Haley’s spotter is Dale Jarrett’s son
I’m gonna hit my Racing-Forum’ 2023 GIF Limit on this race alone
NASCAR needs to threaten lap penalties or something here. Just give me green flag racing
My TI-84 got it some of the time.

Remember the block man game that used to come on those? Good times and why I failed algebra the first time I took it

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Like I said either you understand it or you don't. It was definitely a weed out class for the mechanicals

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I looked into my math book from 12th grade recently. Couldn't remember any of that stuff, I have no clue how I passed that exam less than three years ago.
After about the 37th lcaution maybe there should be a rule about how times you can be one the reasons for a caution event. Once you hit the limit you are done
Go like iRacing:. So many incident points and you get DQed
The 3 and 23 determined to wreck each other while the 19 gets away
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