The Clash race thread..

Congrats to Truexxx, amazing patience to deal with this night
Someone else can do the Khaled gif…my fingers hurt
Remember the block man game that used to come on those? Good times and why I failed algebra the first time I took it

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I was swamped with the classes and never had the time to try that I was also working full time.
To my dismay my beancounting accountant wife sold the TI-84 soon after I completed my educates.

But in hindsight I don't miss it. After college I did tons of spreadsheet formulas, some even some with "if" conditions for production crews to use as a work guide
I never used the high end calculus professionally. I even used a Google search to learn how tp write the if conditions for my spreadsheet formulas.

In my case I think the calculus classes were just planned torture events like an obstacle course only to test you to see if you were worthy.
Are they going to do a gold, silver, and bronze medel?
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