The Clash

What exactly caught fire there? I’m watching on a plane with no sound
I'll be shocked if don't have ruptured fuel cells too. Not enough room between fuel cell and transaxle. Should have moved fuel cell into back seat area.
Well, that was a REAL flamer incar. Ty could use or catch a break. Poor fella.

When I see a track this size, I wish there were hobby stocks out there.

That car was engulfed in flames real quick
Reactivated my YouTubeTV account. Been several years since I used it. Was using Sling last couple years but decided to try the YTTV. Since my Medicare Advantage Plan is helping with utilities can afford it. Have Clash practice on big TV and Lucas late models on 40" from Flo.

I always switched to whatever was offering me the best incentive in return. I've received an Apple TV and a Roku by doing so. :) If I ever need to go that route again, I'll probably choose Sling just because it's cheap and I've never had any issues using them.
Ahhh Chase he put you into the wall. Pretty sure you should be initiating that talk.
Nah, keep it in the memory bank. Almendinger, or however it’s spelled, I’m sure sees the video. If he’s at fault for the tantrum, I’d let him decide if we need to talk or I need to repay it via the memory bank.
Nascar is in town, of course it rains

I was watching qualifying this am with the wet weather package on the cars and thought since it's an exhibition race we should turn the sprinklers on half way through to spice things up a little. But then I realized it's southern CA and being in a drought people would lose their minds

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