The Food thread

My sister dropped off a pumpkin pie she made with my mom's recipe. My mom came up with this recipe where she includes butterscotch pudding in the pie years ago. She's been gone going on 20 years now, but her food is still some of what we brings us back closer to her than anything else.
I had a dream about those pies :(
You know that pies are a part of Kiwi culture when a famous hamburger chain sells them in there stores down here.
And just when I New Zealand was a cool place, I learn they have McDonalds down there.
Na bro.
Muzza's are legendary. :)
If you come back to the States without a couple'a cases of those pies we'll get your Passport put on a non entry list and kick your ass out.. :cool:
It's 12:45 AM. I just got home from work and looked through this thread for the first time. I have a major case of the drools and I'm hungry.
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