Throwback Thursday

It's Wednesday.

Doesn't matter ...

Foyt and Parnelli Jones at Salem Speedway. Cars are loose ... no wings and nowhere to mount one.

Throwback to this week. Flea Ruzic’s Team Ripper brought this little beauty to the 2020 Chili Bowl as a tribute to Mr. Foyt.


“To many who knew—or even knew of—racer Gary Balough, a conversation about him now often as not contains the phrase, “He could have gone all the way.”

“In February 1982, Balough appeared to have finally made it to NASCAR's Cup Series. He had a ride with the respected RahMoc team and enough sponsorship from Domino's Pizza to be able to run at least 25 races.

But then came what National Speed Sport News dubbed “Black Thursday” and a front-page headline reading, “Racers Are Ringleaders of Drug Ring, FBI Says.” Balough, of course, was one of them. As respected NSSN writer Keith Walz recounted in a historical piece, “five prominent members of the South Florida auto-racing community, including NASCAR Winston Cup driver Gary Balough, were indicted on drug-trafficking charges. The five were among 66 people charged in what FBI agents described as a multimillion-dollar drug ring stretching from Florida to North Carolina.”
Rick Ferkel mit der Lexan wing end plates. That didn't last long.

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