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    I don't think I have mentioned that already but I'll be on the other side of the atlantic for the next 3 weeks. We'll head to Berlin this evening, flight will leave Tegel tomorrow at 10 am and hopefully arrive at Miami at around 2.30 pm.
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    Drove the Skyline Drive this morning --
    overlooking the Shenandoah Valley. Absolutely beautiful.
    Landed at the Wyndham National Harbor about 2 PM. Family is beginning to gather. Early start in the morning --- service is at
    9 AM.
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    Got to Arlington for ceremony. Honor guard, flags(U.S. and Navy), band, caisson, Naval officer(with sword on horseback)-- all in Navy whites. I joined my brother and other family members walking behind the caisson to the site. The Navy hymn, 21 gun salute, and the folding of the flag --- all very moving.
    The weather was bright and sunny, but not a breath of a breeze and humidity thick enough to cut with a knife.
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