What are you thinking right now?

That every time I hear music my life gets 10x more cheerful.

This is kind of backwards but listening to sad music makes me appreciate and enjoy music more. I sort of connect.

Music scores are the best.
I'm thinking that I am really not in the mood for the beef roast my wife put in the crock pot for lunch, but I'm thankful to have it.
I'm thinking that I'm glad that One Direction's music is a lot better than the Jonas Brother's music that my daughters were playing around here before. It's still not really my style, but it is much better than the Jonas stuff.
I'm thinking that it's really good to have good friends who love to help when you have a need, like car repairs.
I'm thinking that I should be able to come up with something good to make for dinner tonight, but absolutely nothing sounds good right now.
How pissed I am that I shattered my iphone 5 screen. Fixing it on Saturday I guess.
I'm thinking that I sometimes enjoy Adrian James Croce (son of the late, great Jim Croce) and his music. It's probably not going to be a good day when I find myself listening to it, however. It is some pretty melancholy stuff.
That it sucks when you go out for a run in the evening and as it gets cooler you basically end up choking on your own mucus.
I'm thinking that my computer is pissing me off today. I can't log onto Rhapsody for some reason and Facebook is lagging and many things on there are just squares with exes in them.
I'm thinking that I am spending more energy avoiding doing what I need to do than I would just doing it and getting it over with.
I'm thinking my wife is gonna kick my ass if I don't wash up a few dishes before she gets home. But, then again, I feel kind of frisky. Maybe she'll agree to wrestle instead. :growl:
Has there ever been a good day that started out with a England Dan and John Ford Coley song in you head?
I'm in a rotten mood right now. Pissed at no one. I need to vent. F******k
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