Worst driver of the decade,.

Discussion in 'NASCAR chat' started by Mike Crayne, Jan 2, 2020.

  1. Formerjackman

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    Not to mention Stenhouse's two wins were plate races. Well hell, even Bayne won a plate race, so what the hell does THAT prove? That Ricky is TWICE as good as Trevor? That doesn't say much. I don't know what's worse. Having no talent at all, or seemingly having SOME talent and not being able to get ANYTHING out of it over an extended period of time.
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  2. aunty dive

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    The bar is very high here at r_f.
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  3. Kiante

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    That was his teammate at the time, Roush was bad. I mean horrible for those two years and I think Ricky did about as good as he could provide. He did well in 2017, but that's just the thing. He's too inconsistent and error prone at times to compete at a high level.

    Maybe, he will do well for JTG, but after what Buescher was able to do. I'm not sure if Ricky can replicate that type of performance on a consistent basis.

    Ricky is talented, but is too inconsistent to really do anything with the talent he has. Newman just has a great ability of providing feedback, something that Ricky has lacked since entering NASCAR's top levels. It showed last year and crashing compounded the decision of dropping him. He's like Jaime Mac, but worse in a sense. Its the reason why I compare Stenhouse to Jimmy Spencer, who was similar in every aspect.
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  4. kkfan91

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    I said Ricky only because he has crashed well over 100 times this decade according to my research
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  5. StandOnIt

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    I think it was contagious, it sure seemed to rub off on Danica
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  6. Formerjackman

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    If you can't figure out how fast you can go without crashing on a regular basis, how talented are you?
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  7. Kiante

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    Potential is a dangerous word.

    Some live up to it, some dont.
  8. StandOnIt

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    Worse to be slow AND crashing, Stenhouse did both. I predict he will have a short lifespan with JTG Daugherty. He brought a little money, but they are a slower underfunded team and they can't afford all of the wrecks.
  9. Formerjackman

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    Rick Mears basically went his entire Indy Car career with only ONE major mistake (Sanair 1984). Stenhouse has trouble going a month without making a major error.
  10. wi_racefan

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    I don't think they're as underfunded as some people think. I remember Brad Daugherty a while ago saying that their performance wasn't matching the level they were spending. I wouldn't be shocked if that Kroger sponsorship isn't pretty substantial.

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  11. Formerjackman

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    I agree. You could tolerate some of his wrecking if he was overachieving and getting some really good finishes mixed in, but he doesn't. I think back to Jeff Gordon's first two years. Yes, he tore up a LOT of equipment, but when he didn't, he threatened to win. You got the feeling he way learning from each mistake and moving forward. In Jimmie Johnson's rookie year, he crashed a lot of cars in practice and qualifying learning what the limits were, but then he would go get a top five or top ten in the race. EVERY year of Stenhouse's career has looked like his rookie year.
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  12. Spotter22

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    I respect them all. I'd have to see them all in the same equipment before i could say who is the worst. But even then, I still respect them
  13. kkfan91

    kkfan91 Taking a 10-200

    Yeah definitely, I finished my crash stats last month and have been figuring it out based on percentages since then. But when I get home I'll post the number totals to show how often drivers have
  14. bigspud

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    he would have 0 wins if he was as aggressive as mtj,
    so i give give him a pass, as not many other rfr driver have won laterly,

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