Xfinity RACE thread --- Bristol at night

How much do these guys get paid to force "as fast as Xfinity 10g" into their interviews? It's gotta be a significant figure, right? It's not like they are just doing it as a favor to the series sponsor, as it's cringy enough that one would assume the compensation must really be worth it
How about they quit talking about drivers having confidence in the top until we actually see drivers making it work. They said Henric had confidence in the top and was making it work, right after he literally lost four positions.
I think Jeb absolutely should be panicking right now. No speed, below the cut line and still 33 laps from the end of the stage. He’s done.
Man sitting out here on the porch watching the race and it feels like Fall here in South Cackalacky!

I wish I was at Bristol right now, but the view from the couch ain't bad either

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