Xfinity RACE thread --- Bristol at night

Jr, in off the cuff remarks, is one funny dude.

Smelled farrrr, hoped it wadn’t me!

I will never, after 2 decades I guess now, unhear him on IWC after signing his deal and being pressed by Waldrip about the money….

I dunno…It’s kinda middle of the rowwwwwddd. Lol
Incredibly professional, veteran drive by Justin. One of only 2 drivers to pit, drove right to second and bided his time and took the lead when he got the opportunity without even touched a bumper. Bravo.
I wanted to believe in Sam Mayer but he just aint good as I expected him to be. He is far from a disaster and still may go on to do some great stuff but it just ain't happening so far.
I will politely disagree, based on this year's statistics, Sam has passed more cars than all but one other driver. Which leads one to believe that his pit crew is putting him behind more than others. Having to make time up increases the opportunity for bad things to happen and increases the wear and tear on the equipment compared to staying up front. Will grant you that he does get into certain predicaments' that more experienced drivers avoid, but most of the times he is following the direction of the spotter. When he got stuck behind lapped cars, that is on the spotter, and he does that a lot. Allgaier actually commented on this back in the middle of the season saying that if Sam had more competitive pit stops and would "quit getting stuck in traffic", he would be the biggest competition.
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