Xfinity RACE thread --- Bristol at night

How much do these guys get paid to force "as fast as Xfinity 10g" into their interviews? It's gotta be a significant figure, right? It's not like they are just doing it as a favor to the series sponsor, as it's cringy enough that one would assume the compensation must really be worth it
Chase Briscoe said it’s not even $500 per mention but for an Xfinity driver it definitely does add up to what’s a nice amount for them.
I feel like this race should be longer. F all that noise about wanting to shorten races because F1 does it, or attention spans or whatever nonsense people were spouting. If you have a good product it doesn't need to be over in 2 hours
I recall Gordon and Jr. having a similar incident somewhere between 2012-2015 in the spring race here while they were HMS teammates. Right side exhaust cut down Gordon’s LR tire and it was over the next corner.
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