2019 Monster Energy Supercross

Unfortunately it seemed that Arenacross was failing financially. I wouldn't be surprised if another promoter tries to revive it within a few years.
This video is off topic, but it is hilarious. Maybe I could justify placing it here by asking...What would the SX officials do with an incident like this...?

That's hilarious.

I don't recall any on-track fighting in SX since Weston Peick went berserk on Vince Friese at A1 in 2016. He was fined and suspended for the next round.

That's hilarious.

I don't recall any on-track fighting in SX since Weston Peick went berserk on Vince Friese at A1 in 2016. He was fined and suspended for the next round.

I'll never forget that. Friese had been racing everyone like an a**hole at that point(still does) so it was like justice porn.
Triple Crown nite in Houston. Hope they give an update on Reed.

C'mon Toe Mac !
This looks to be a better track layout again tonight, as Seattle was.

I like the Triple Crown format now that the mains are the same length.
Nice charge through this race by Ferrandis after a slow start. He's the only hope if you want to see anyone other than Cianciarulo take a checkered flag tonight.
KTM teammates lol. Not sure why Webb was that bent out of shape there. I didn't see anything that justified Webb's repeated rough play. i hope Marv dumps him later honestly.
Musquin was trying to chase Webb down with a bit too much gusto.

Roczen was flying like the Kenny of old.

Wtf is Tomac even doing at this point?

I think Webb was out of line there and I hope it comes back to haunt him. I admit I probably am biased against him though.
Did not expect that kind of disaster for AC92.

That's a real shame about Roczen getting hurt :(. Just when he was showing great speed again.
Stenhouse is a better SX announcer and more aware than the two actual announcers.
When the first main topic came up in the press conference, Musquin threw some low key shade Webb's way, bluntly saying Webb's move was not clean and that he wouldn't do that (questionable for several reasons, but situationally, Webb's aggression was misplaced IMO). He also opined about how sometimes the fastest guy doesn't win and we'll see how the races play out from here. Fun stuff :D.

Webb said that he let his frustration get the best of him, called it a mistake, and said he would learn and get better from it. That's decent of him to say, since Marvin himself has been unwilling to admit any wrong before. But we'll see if this continues. I believe that Marvin can't let it slide and needs to make a statement on the track at some point. He was certainly trying to last night, just couldn't get to the right place at the right time.

With 4 rounds to go, Webb has a useful points gap, but nothing is decided yet...

Webb = 288 points
Musquin = -17
Tomac = -26
Roczen = -36

I agree with Gnomesayin on the Musquin vs Webb battle. Went back and reviewed Moto 1 again. Musquin's first pass was hard and aggressive, but fair. Webb's first reply was the same... aggressive but fair. Musquin's second pass... more of the same... but Webb sorta lost his cool and overreacted. Thanks for posting that video. Good to see Webb own his mistake.

I'm pulling for Webb... since two years ago when he showed flashes of brilliance on the Yamaha but overall struggled to be competitive. Then last year, a lot of injuries. 2019 has been a breakout year in dramatic fashion. I'd hate to see him suffer an ill-timed mechanical DNF and get screwed by the flat points scale that under-rewards race wins.

That was a good track layout in Houston. I like the "triple crown" format but it really elevates the importance of good starts.
Roczen is done. See no way for him to win. Tomac is just about there unless he pulls off 3 or 4 wins the last races, and at this point that's a no. Be it an injury they're not telling anyone about or he's just lost pace, he doesn't look capable of pulling off that run. Really it's just Webb and Musquin.

The KTM/Husqvarna deal right now is killing all the Japanese bikes. There was one of the mains the other night that KTM and Husqvarna had 6 of the top 9 finishers. And in addition to KTM a couple races pulling off a 1-2-3, there's a race I saw they had 6 of the top 7 with Tomac being the only interloper. I like Justin Thomas' theory at RacerX of, if you throw in KTM's domination of MXGP, that KTM have figured out something with their motors on the start of races. Especially in Supercross where once you have the start, it's hard to pass anyway. Kudos to Webb on picking the right factory team to move to.
Ugh, watching Forkner try to get on the bike and keel over in pain there was not fun.

Webb's luck finally ran out, at least for a moment.
The amount of time this red flag medical delay is taking is scary.
Forkner needed to spot the other guys a race anyway, but hope he's back for the next one.
Looked like Roczen's night. He was riding so smooth and fast. Can't believe his awful fortune, and how Webb is just the opposite and is always where he needs to be when it matters. At least the real Tomac showed up tonight. Unfortunate for Savatgy, who keeps showing speed but can't put it together.
Forkner... bummer. With this points scale, a season of domination is never safe. Six consecutive races of beating every Eastern competitor... bummer. At least he has a few weeks off to recover, but if his knee is blown out, that might not be enough.

Roczen was totally in the zone, beautiful to watch. Tomac looked good, but Roczen was better... before his crash. Unfortunate for him, certainly not his fault.

Webb's crash was also unfortunate and not his fault, but he caught a break with the red flag. So he escaped consequences. He's been the best rider of the season so far, so I don't think it's right to say he got where he is by luck.

It's a cliche to say, championships are won or lost by what you get on your off days. It's certainly true with this points scale. I agree with Ricky Carmichael that Webb seemed to be in conservative mode, having an off day but not risking too much. I guess Webb confirmed that in his podium interview.

Just a final note... Cooper Webb interviews are the most cringeworthy in Supercross. I like how he rides, but those interviews are the worst.

With three races to go...
Webb... 6 wins... 309 points
Tomac... 4 wins... -21 points
Musquin... 2 wins... -21 points
Roczen... 0 wins... -42 points

It's not over, just ask Forkner about that. But Eli and Marv probably need Webb to have a DNF.
Webb has been the best rider of the season, no doubt. What he's done week after week to rise to the occasion in the main event and minimize damage when he's not as fast is impressive and what titles are made of. I actually think his performance is more impressive than Anderson's last year, because he has withstood more pressure from more healthy rivals.

My comment about his good fortune at times isn't meant to detract from that.

I thought Musquin was primed to make a serious run at his teammate starting last night, and instead he goes down all on his own early in the race. Webb is the one who has ridden like a veteran. Still bummed for Roczen. He was on a different level as Carmichael said, and was riding laps faster than Tomac and everyone else even after the crash.

It would be just like Tomac to win the last three races and beat Webb's total now that his title hopes depend on Webb DNF'ing. Apparently having a smoking shock is a big boost for him, LOL.
That was a fun battle between Tomac and Webb in their heat race. They played nice with each other and I think Tomac's slight contact on the initial pass attempt was incidental. If they're together in the main, that could get interesting.
I missed the heats. My DVR is having a brain fart... refuses to record the SX race. So I'll watch live SX and record Nascar. My lovely Mae is in active revolt, but oh well...

A clutch performance by Cianciarulo to claw out an 8 point lead going into the finale.
Webb rode like a champ again. Very patient and never pushed too hard. I'm not even sure what to say about Musquin getting beat from that far behind. I would guess it reveals Webb's better conditioning in the high altitude, as Marv was fading badly in the last five minutes.
The real Tomac showed up again. Go get him Eli.
Ha ha. I think both Tomacs are real. The good one showed up, fast and dominant. The inconsistent one didn't show tonight, but is still real IMO.

But you're right, Tomac was great tonight. Webb was conservative early, then did what he needed to do. Plus 18 over Tomac, 23 over Musquin.
I had replay on NBCSN on before the IndyCar race. I have to say that I like the edited two-hour show without all the filler segments.
I had replay on NBCSN on before the IndyCar race. I have to say that I like the edited two-hour show without all the filler segments.

The live broadcast they didn't show the 250 heats due to NHL playoffs.

Barring injury, this title is Webb's. Great win for Tomac at his home Supercross, but Webb finishing 2nd pretty much nails it down. Tomac needs to go 1-1 and Webb 10-10 for Tomac to win the title, and Webb has finished worse than 5th twice this year.
Re Forkner, if Sexton or Cooper win the 250 East title without winning a race which is entirely possible, does this count as the least respected regional SX winner ever?
It's been a long two weeks.

Ralph is particularly spaced out today. He postulated that Forkner should have skipped the heat race and qualified via the LCQ instead to give his knee more time to heal. Yeah, because that extra hour will make all the difference.

Will be interesting to see how hard Forkner can go in the main.
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