2020 Cup Series Camaro ZL1 1LE

Discussion in 'NASCAR chat' started by ChexOrWrex, Oct 31, 2019.

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    I thought the same thing when I saw the pic :D I'm going to give you an engine, low to the ground, extra big oil pan to cut the wind underneath. It will give you 30 40 more horsepower. I'm going to shape you like a bullet :D

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    Well, we know they didn't give back all the horsepower that they took away (allegedly at TRD's behest) years ago. I love your passion, @Revman . We need fans as engaged as you. That said, is this really the hill to die on? If we're going to deal in inuendo and rumor, then that would be a can of worms that a TRD fan would prefer stay closed I'd think...
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    Chad: "I don't think there is a component that is the same" "There is nothing that is the same"

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    Chad gotta unleash his jockey -- the kid needs a win.
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    Well, I thought what Chad said would make that little vein on Rev's forehead to pop out. :D
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    For someone like J.Gordon or others whose family could afford it,, what your suggesting may be OK. I don't see any drivers opting to spend another year in Xfinity. Brad was rowing another boat, he needed MONEY to help his whole family and he needed it now. What would you say to Brad if he stayed in Xfinity and got hurt bad enough to close out his career. "To Bad" ????
    Brad had no choice but go for the money ride.
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    Well, a couple of things. After seeing what Rick did for Kasey Kahne and for Alex Bowman, do you not think Rick would have taken care of Brad? At the very least he probably could have gotten quite of bit of work driving for Finch again, and probably got paid some retainer from HMS too, PLUS possibly picking up some Xfinity rides. The Cup cars he drove in 2009 earned a total of 1.6 million, so unless he had the worst deal in the history of racing, he shouldn't have been missing any meals. All I'm saying is it was HIS CHOICE to walk away from HMS, whatever the reason was. In all the interviews and comments I have heard him make about the situation, I've never once heard him mention money. All I have heard him mention is how he got his feelings hurt because Rick decided to let Mark stay in the 5 car one more year. Remember too that hindsight is 20/20. Brad hadn't won an Xfinity title yet, and he had managed to make a lot of enemies in his short career to that point. Obviously Rick saw something in him, as did Roger, but I don't know that a lot of people were beating down the doors to hire him. I remember a LOT of people thinking Penske was making a bad move.
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    Who alleged that? Blabber mouths on this board don't count.
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    Jeff Gordon Derangement Syndrome
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    You need to improve your memory or quit being prejudiced. Brad hadn't won xfinity title yet??? Your kidding right. Xfinity at the time was the best of Cup drivers driving Cup team cars. He also had to fend off Hamlin who blatantly was wrecking him and bragging on live TV about in advance of the race.
    And lets not forget Mr. Edwards who at the time tried to wreck Brad or push him below the line. I think HMS and those Chevy cars has you blinded to what is happening in real life.
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    I wouldn't say that about Jeff, he was a dam good driver from the word go.:D
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    I'm not deranged at all. I liked Brad, I thought almost right away after he got into Jr's cars that he could be something special, and I WANTED him to end up in the 5 car. I fully understand the level of competition he was up against in Xfinity, that's WHY I thought he was pretty darn good when I saw him hold his own against Kyle and Carl and Denny, but I also remember that a LOT of people were not real high on him. Heck, I STILL like Brad, I just think he runs his mouth a little too much at times, and I think his expectations of the situation at Hendrick was a little unrealistic.
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    NOBODY has first hand information of what Brad had been promised and remember Junior's car where about 4th or 5th class at the time. Like I said, Brad was the only hope for his whole family, taking the best offer he could get was not an option for him.
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    Hendrick teams welcome new Camaro, engine parts upgrade
    “I can tell you this, Hendrick Motorsports is not happy with the performance we’ve had the last three years. We’ve got to do better. Last year we had a lot of expectations with the product we took to the race track and it just wasn’t there,” veteran crew chief Chad Knaus said Thursday at HMS.

    On paper and what we’ve seen from the wind tunnel, it’s definitely an upgrade from what we’ve had

    Cliff Daniels, Johnson's crew chief

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    I have to say, next-gen fan got a hearty chuckle out of me

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    That figure is probably from a Nascar fan survey
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    Good deal, backmarker teams will be allowed to run the older body

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    Finally found the other quote Johnson said about the new car

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    Oh we want to say Ford got the first bone? What about in 90 when Chevy brought a car that only ran a V6 and was front wheel drive in the stock Lumina when Ford was using a T-Bird that was RWD and offered a V8? That was before the Yates heads. Or the Aero Monte Carlo when they couldn’t keep up with the T-Birds on the super speedways? And I can’t find confirmation of it but when Chevy brought the Monte Carlo back and there were like 12 templates based on the body of each makes stock version, the MC didn’t fit 2 or 3 of them in the rear as the stock MC was too narrow to put a whatever by whatever spoiler on so they were allowed to widen the race version? Chevy has got some enormous bones thrown at them too.
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    I did too....even though Ford got screwed most of the time but I’m sure it was my allegiance that made it seem that way.
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    I love where this thread went. Should change the title to Manufacturers Trash Talk or start a new one since NASCAR seems to be doing the concessions deal again....we can all bitch and make accusations there!

    I’m a Ford guy obviously. I started watching in 90, adopted Mark right before attending the 90 Valleydale Meats 500 in Bristol and have been a fan of his since. He was always my favorite, even when he won for HMS and tried to for MWR and in the Army 01 car. I doubt I’d follow BK like I did Mark to another Manufacturer. I’d still rather he won than many but I usually look to see where the Fords are running after I see where Brad is. I don’t get why people think having a favorite manufacturer is silly? It’s like a sports team only we just have 3.
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