2023 Chili bowl


Specifically, the R1i Outlaw: Part #R51-024 by EFI Technology. Anyone caught using this specific programable ignition system will be disqualified. The top three each night will be checked.

"We want the best driver to win. Not the driver with the best traction control, and seeing as this part has already been addressed in Midget competition outside the Chili Bowl, we will stand that it cannot be used as well," explained Chili Bowl Director, Matt Ward.

I’ll admit this is a thing I, a casual dirt section lurker, didn’t even know midget guys were doing.

I see Alex Bowman entered but I didn't see Bell, Larson, Elliott, or Kasey Kane.
Larson will be at the Wild West shootout running a late model. Chase hasn't been in anything open wheel since last Chili Bowl I think the wreck may have talked him out of it.
It is just going to be weird not seeing Larson in the CBN. I will miss the main Chili Bowl Day by one day. My buddy and myself are 1 and 2 in a slot car point series here on the west coast and the last race is double points which is on Fri night of the Chili Bowl weekend. We will leave Sat morning headed to a slot car race in southern Indiana so we will be going through Tulsa on Sun one day after the Chili Bowl is over. :(
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