2023 Chili bowl

Some post race highlights

Can these guys drive a race car or what. Golbic who had a heck of a night overall nips Windom at the line for second, and local boy Cannon Mckintosh takes the win with a tire going down
Kaylee B, Mariah Ede, Jade Avedisian, Spencer Bayston and Buddy Kofoid on tonight’s list.
surprised Deegan didnt enter the chilli bowl

TBH, methinks Bryson would pwn her.
My wife cut Preston Lattomus's hair once, will pull for him.
Heard this on the Dirtrackr podcast today, CBell not being as the Chili Bowl is far more about JGR saying no then it is about the purse.
I was listening to a Kaylee Bryson interview and she said given the choice she would like to go to Indycar. That would light that series up if she can get there. Of course she could change her mind if she sees Nascar money
Thanks, StandOnIt and aunty dive for posting all of the Chili Bowl info. I have been so busy getting ready to go east that I haven't had time to follow it much, so I have been checking in here to see the info and results you put on here.
Bowman did a hell of a job recovering from the back when he got hung up in a wreck. Scored 6 to 3 in the qualifier. He looks good this year
He’s serious about his open wheel teams.

Showed up in Tulsa with 3 brand new cars.
He’s serious about his open wheel teams.

Showed up in Tulsa with 3 brand new cars.
It kind of sucks that we will be racing slot cars in Oklahoma City on Saturday only about an hour and a half from Tulsa. So close but so far away. I'm sure I will see some of the haulers leaving there on Sunday though. We will probably swing by so my buddy can see how huge the place is.
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