2023 Chili bowl

Couple of guys were racing in Allentown last night and then driving to the Philly Airport to make it to Tulsa, Briggs Danner and Timmy Buckwalter.

Pulling for local guy Steven Snyder Jr tonight
I asked and got an answer ... he was invited to run tonight’s Race of Champions so he changed his prelim night to focus on his heat/qualifier.
mcintosh will be up there
Yeah Mckintosh should be good, so should Chris Windom be pretty good tonight. Gavin Boschele who won a driller last week is in a Keith Kunz car tonight, Hoping Briscoe will transfer on. I believe it starts at 4 CST
I found this. Macintosh and Briscoe are on here and they are on the list to race tonight also. Bowman should be on the list to race tonight also.

Tuned in just in time to see the 1st heat. This week alone is enough to justify the cost of the Flo subscription to me

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