2024 Chili Bowl

I wonder if Hendrick cars.com will be on the car. Larson did know who to call lol. Kuntz has some of the best stuff.
Yeah, if he doesn't get wrecked coming thru there it will be something. This is a stacked field and they don't care about Larson lol.
Larson has a very unique opportunity on the line tonight to make history, and I think he knows that and thrives. Should be a damn good race.
From loud pedal report

Update on Christopher Townsend. He was the young man that flipped in the heat race with Kyle Larson. Zoom in on the wreck and you can see his helmet sliding up his head. Here are updates from his page
First and foremost thank you for everone’s well wishes, & text and the staff that has taken care of me.

wanted to make a post about the helmet situation. I’ve seen many questions and people being frustrated about this.

I 100% strapped my helmet and attached to HANS device, there is a mark on my neck where the helmet was cutting me while coming off. I strapped my helmet to my liking , like I have done since day one. It was tight to my standards but could it have been tighter maybe to some.

I’ve seen a bunch of comments falsely accusing me of not wearing the strap, I also saw there was people saying I didn’t have a hans.
They are both incorrect. The chili bowl crew took my helmet and hans and it was clicked together.

We will now focus on recovery.

Thank you for all the prayers.

We got our results back. Christopher has fractured the T3, T4, and T5 vertebrae’s, as well as some bruising above the lungs. We believe there will be no surgery, but he is being admitted over night to watch his pain levels. Once he gets admitted, an orthopedic will come in and examine his back and give us a little more detail on the fractures, and go about the recovery. We will update again once we have more information. Thank you all for the prayers!💙💚

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