Answer and Ask

Yes, I love wine.

Do you like to sit around with friends and have fun ?
Sure .... golf ..... ^_^ walking ..... hiking ...... fishing .....

What do you like to do outdoors ?
Working in my flower gardens, swim, camping.

What was the one thing you really really wanted for christmas that you didn't get?
when I was about 8 I wanted a Cricket doll

What is your favorite restaurant
Too much to list ..... ^_^

Angels, Noah's Ark things, Snowmen, Santas .... just a few things ...

Do you like to read ?
Love to read!

Who is your favorite author?

(I collect Santas too)
Rocking Chairs

Planned overnight getaway or spur of the moment overnight getaway.
Cats and Dogs .... sorry .... ^_^

Favorite way to spend a rainy, cold day.
I don't remember ... too far back. <_<

Best grade in school for you.... fun wise.

4th .... liked to have failed.

Favorite sport in school ..... to watch.
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