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Discussion in 'NASCAR chat' started by LewTheShoe, Mar 7, 2017.

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    They have to be athletes, who else could pass on nap time every weekend!
    After an hour of sitting on my bum watching them turn left I can hardly stay awake
    Put me on the interstate at pit road speed
    I’m sleepy in a half hour, let alone 3 hours

    My sarcasm post
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    Interesting Twitter thread posted by Keselowski on the infamous Texas incident with Gordon from his perspective. From the moment it occurred, I mostly agreed with Brad's take expressed here. There was room left, Gordon drove down into the corner seemingly unaware, and was at least partially if not primarily at fault for the contact. Racing incident, aggressive but not over the top move by Keselowski, that's that.

    And while I defended his superb driving ability yesterday, it never can be said enough what a spineless pretend tough guy nuisance pissant Kevin Harvick has been personally throughout his career.
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  3. Truex_rox

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    I don't condemn Harvick too much because he's a really good racecar driver, but... talk about someone hitting the nail on the head.

    Your statement right then and there pretty much sums up why I have never warmed up to him even though he drove a Chevy for most of his career and carried RCR for the longest time.
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    off topic Harvick was mentioned I see. I know one thing, after KDB hooked Harvick @ Darlington way back in 11, and Harvick went after him and KDB ran away, there hasn't been any nonsense from KDB about Harvick since. No smart ass remarks even. Maybe pretend works or maybe it isn't pretend. Both of them have been racing hard for wins since that time in the win column and there isn't any drama. Wonder why.
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    To hear this article tell it with comments from both drivers, it's more about Harvick maturing somewhat, which I think has happened, sorta. I haven't heard anyone ever allude to the fear Harvick struck in them, because that's laughable. Delana or the RCR crew member who Harvick waited for to be at his side that day are scarier.

    For the most part I don't think Harvick wants his son watching him behave as he has at earlier times. Sometimes it takes that for a man to grow up, I know the feeling.

    I mentioned Harvick because he was a major instigator in the incident Keselowski chronicled. Will be done discussing him for now, at least here.
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    I have to disagree with you to an extent. You don't remember Kyle & Sadler later that year in Trucks or when Kyle took out Ron? Both Kyle and Kevin were going at it through the media.
    Kyle & Kevin haven't had any run ins or call outs though after that suspension that I can recall.
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    Incredible agreeance on all points. Post is right ON. Especially about Harvick...
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    Get this thread back on track with something lighter, kinda.

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    Anyone else thought Brad would have another title by now?

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    He doesn't do well in the Homestead Bowl.
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    I believe that Brad's Championship run was a wake-up call that proved a rough-around-the-edges young motivated mortal could defeat Jimmie --

    AND that other established drivers in decent programs like Harvick, KyBu, Truex, Edwards, Denny, et al needed to step up their game.
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    kind of a pioneer kinda thing.
  15. Joker

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    Fun fact, after ten full seasons Rusty had 32 wins. Brad has 30 at the same point. Will be interesting to see if he has success into his late 40s as well.
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  16. Revman

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    This all day. Has he ever really kicked somebody's ass?
  17. Revman

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  18. BobbyFord

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  19. Joker

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    More wins than Bill Elliott suggests yes.
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    Harvick was a scrawny freshman wrestling in the 98-pound weight class on the junior varsity team at North High School in Bakersfield, Calif. And he wanted to quit.

    His coaches, though, urged him to persevere. And so the kid kept at it and stayed on the team, pushing himself through what he called "the hardest thing you could ever challenge yourself to do." He eventually won the CIF sectional title as a 140-pound senior.

    This one is where KDB eats chicken feathers and runs like a coward.:p Hard to whip somebodies ass when ya can't catch them.

    Bitch slapped Kurt

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    Kevin isn't a bad guy I just lost a bit of respect with him and Ross Chastain at Darlington. Not to say Ross is some clean racer either though. BUT Ross is fighting for his career at the time with only 3 shots in the 42 & Kevin decides to give him no room.

    Kyle & Kevin seem to be on decent terms now.
  22. StandOnIt

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    True, aren't any of them perfect in any given situation. I'm not too sure that coming back and busting Harvick's ass and taking him out of the race might have been more effective to Chastain's career as running the rest of the race.
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    Fact: Rusty was a part owner of his team which gave him more say in things.
    Cars were different, tires were different, Nascar was different.
    Rusty was "Team Penske' and all effort went into making him a winner.
    Team Penske now has 3 cars full time competing against each other.
    JGR was a General Motors team.
    There was NO Toyota Manufacturing racing.
    The list goes on. You may as well say Team Penske will never be as great as WB's and yet they keep them in the game.
  24. Revman

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    High school hero story.
    And nothing.
  25. Joker

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    You know Harv gets under these guys' skin when they have to necro old posts about him on a thread about a completely unrelated driver.
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    Back on topic ...
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    Holy cow, his wife is gorgeous.
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    Lol. So is Shrubs. Wonder why?
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    Racecar drivers get to meet pretty girls. As many as they like.

    That is all.
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  30. Revman

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    Yeah, well that is as much about Delana's wife looking for a broadcasting career as anything else. He is working on his likability index.
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    What you say is true, but Paige Keselowski was no pit lizard. Brad worked for a while to get a date with her, ultimately enlisting the aid of mutual friend Frank Kimmel, whom Brad had known since childhood. And as they say... the rest is history. (NBC Sports)
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    Hate to even go here on a Kes thread but can’t agree any more. HAD to respond. I’m sorry. Couldn’t help myself.
  33. Revman

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    That's cool. Brad represents his team, this sport, his family, and this country with great respect and dignity. I admire that very much.
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