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    Brad K's latest blog entry... an interesting account of his relationship with Joey Logano...

    The first time I heard of Joey Logano, it was from the Prospect List.

    If you don’t know what the Prospect List is, it’s basically like ESPN’s Mel Kiper NFL draft board, only for NASCAR. Back in the day, when Joey and I were just getting started, Joey was always near the top of the Prospect List, always number one, two or three.

    I, on the other hand, was never on it.

    So I’d always see his name on there, and I definitely was jealous, mostly because I couldn’t even crack the List, let alone get to the top of it. And if I’m being honest, I definitely felt a bit of animosity toward him, being someone who wanted to beat the best, and be the best.

    At a race in 2008, Joey was making his first NASCAR Xfinity Series start, and in practice, he pulled out in front of me when I was right in the middle of running a simulated qualifying lap. I was going really fast, and he drove out right in front of me at half speed. I had to lift and slow down, and it ruined my whole lap. So I gave him the finger.

    That was how I met Joey Logano. [ much more here ]
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    Roger Penske and Mark Donohue were really close friends back in the early days. Penske was the owner and Mark was his driver. Mark was killed in a test and Roger took it hard. Pretty cool tribute
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    Bob Pockrass article in USA Today...

    Opinion: Brad Keselowski's visionary 3-D business reflects his racing ideals

    The typical go-tos for NASCAR drivers looking to invest their money often center around things natural for their interests such as car dealerships or car restoration. Some dabble in marketing or entertainment management companies.

    The ones who really want to take a chance invest in or operate a race team.

    Brad Keselowski owned a race team until 2017 and might again one day. However, his current eight-figure investment focuses on an industry that could anoint him as the most savvy NASCAR driver-turned-businessman ever or make him look like a fool wasting boatloads of cash diving into the unknown.

    Wouldn’t Brad Keselowski Ford and selling cars be much easier than Keselowski Advanced Manufacturing and trying to ride the potential wave of advanced machinery using 3-D printing technology?

    “Probably,” Keselowski said. “That’s not who I am. You have to be true to who you are.”
    “He’s a little bit of a disruptor,” said his car owner, Roger Penske, one of the nation’s most accomplished businessmen. “He likes things that are changing. The racing, certainly on a technical side, 3-D is where people are going.

    “He saw that as a place that he could invest his money. He’s got a separate business. He’s thinking long term, too, which certainly makes a lot of sense. I applaud him for it, really.”

    While racing could provide plenty of clients, Keselowski has focused on the defense and aerospace fields with hopes to expand into medical. During the recent three-race swing to the West Coast, he visited with companies about potential projects.

    Link to full article:
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    Sounds like a right proper cluster

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    I wish Brad had discussed *why* they pitted at that last caution, rather than staying out, starting P1 or P2 depending on whether the 22 pitted or not, and trying to hold off everyone for 15 laps with old tires.

    IMO, staying out is a better strategy *if* the 15 laps goes green the whole way, but new tires is better if another yellow comes out. There have been races before where Paul Wolfe decided... we probably can't win the race if it goes green the whole way, so lets gamble for another yellow. They have won before on that gamble. I'd like to hear if that was the thinking today. (Paul and Brad are almost always willing to pass up a likely P2 or P3 finish to get a shot at a win.)
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    Kez 2019 Kansas 2.jpg

    Kez is 'my driver' and I'll admit that I'm biased... But I thought Brad's finish line interview at Kansas was just about perfect. His heartfelt tribute to Mike Mittler was front and center. I also love giving Old Glory a ride along for the victory lap burnout. Career win #30... heading for 50... in my opinion.

    KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- Brad Keselowski had planned to head to St. Louis after the NASCAR Cup Series race at Kansas Speedway to visit Mike Mittler, a longtime Truck Series owner who helped him early in his career and who had been battling cancer the past couple years.

    But after Mittler died Friday night at the age of 67, Keselowski headed to victory lane instead, capturing the checkered flag Saturday night and dedicating the win to his friend and mentor.

    "He helped a lot of guys in their career. Just a huge loss for the NASCAR community," said Keselowski, who held off Alex Bowman and a charging field in overtime for his third win this season.

    "One of those unsung heroes," Keselowski added. "Gave his whole life to this sport." Mittler would have liked the hardscrabble way Keselowski won at Kansas.... (Link to full race report at
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    I like him. I like the way he approaches the sport, and has an appreciation for the sport's past and present. I like the American flag tribute. He is a very smart dude. He moves the needle. He is not vanilla.

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