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    Brad K's latest blog entry... an interesting account of his relationship with Joey Logano...

    The first time I heard of Joey Logano, it was from the Prospect List.

    If you don’t know what the Prospect List is, it’s basically like ESPN’s Mel Kiper NFL draft board, only for NASCAR. Back in the day, when Joey and I were just getting started, Joey was always near the top of the Prospect List, always number one, two or three.

    I, on the other hand, was never on it.

    So I’d always see his name on there, and I definitely was jealous, mostly because I couldn’t even crack the List, let alone get to the top of it. And if I’m being honest, I definitely felt a bit of animosity toward him, being someone who wanted to beat the best, and be the best.

    At a race in 2008, Joey was making his first NASCAR Xfinity Series start, and in practice, he pulled out in front of me when I was right in the middle of running a simulated qualifying lap. I was going really fast, and he drove out right in front of me at half speed. I had to lift and slow down, and it ruined my whole lap. So I gave him the finger.

    That was how I met Joey Logano. [ much more here ]

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