Championship Fatigue...

Discussion in 'NASCAR chat' started by oldschoolnascardude1, Nov 18, 2019.

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    I prefer green tea with a freshly plucked mint leaf and a drop of pure maple syrup.
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    Nailed it.

    That is what made this Championship Race easier to watch -- no real vested interest in the Final Four.

    I could enjoy the moments the pressure and seeming futility impacted Team performance, strategy, and outcomes. It's what made the Race both good due to tension, and bad due to lack of a competitive finish.
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    Looks like you after watching another Danica no show
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    I know, just teasing

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    You scared me there for a minute.
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    NASCAR in the '50's and '60's was spread out more with a ton of different venues that extended to more places than even today. Keep in mind that some of the first multi winners in the sport did not necessarily come from the South East...where was Johnny Beauchamp from again?...oh yeah, that is right...over in Iowa....what about Paul Goldsmith? Or Freddy is only when NASCAR compressed the amount of sanctioned races did it become a bit more regionalized.
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    I somehow missed this, but what an awesome post. I have found that being manufacturer based with a favorite driver lessens that all or nothing for a specific driver--even though I do have my favorite. I don't think that this is the kind of sport where you can be all in on just one guy--especially when you consider how much it costs to get to races. If all of your eggs are in one basket, based on the odds, you will leave upset, and probably not want to come back. I don't think taking it seriously is an issue--it's how one takes it seriously IMO. I will absolutely agree with your perception of a number of fans who are pissed all of the time. It wears me out. Shortly after the race at Phoenix, I was dreading the inevitable BS that comes after just about every race. As I have noted, I think unscientific polls of good or bad, a definition of good/great racing that is different for everybody, and driver specific bias make an assessment of the state of this sport very murky. What really concerns me is a sanctioning body that seems to struggle with how to ingest all of the input.
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    I have ALWAYS believed in having more than one car/team to pull for. I've always had a favorite, but I always have one or two other people that I have an interest in. Even in stick and ball sports, if I can't find a team to pull for in any given game, I find one to pull against, even for the most insane reasons. Maybe I don't like the color of their uniforms, or their quarterback went to the rival of my favorite college.
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    This is a great post. I am sorry I myself overlooked it too, the only thing I disagree with is that even if some of the fans disagree with how things are in the sport that doesnt make them miserable. I think thats a very broad generalization, I myself have gotten along with most NASCAR fans I met and that was even while wearing a 24 shirt in the 90's. But to get back on point I love your post, sums up my fandom since JG retired. I enjoy the sport so much more, everything hinged on the 24 since I was in third grade up through my 30's, thats a long damn time to be happy or miserable depending on one driver. I missed all the little things that make racing so amazing, that are so much more magnified now that I am not focused on one driver. I miss watching Jeff race every week, but I also like my current fandom mood too. I do pull for the 9, 24,18,42, 20,4 and 3 but not to the level of the 24, my 24 fandom got divided into 7ths lol. I love this sport so much and am suffering withdrawl, a part of me couldnt wait for this season to be done but I regretted it as soon as the green flag flew under that amazing Homestead-Miami Sunset. I am bummed there are 76 days until the Daytona 500 but that too will pass and another exciting season will be upon us.
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    Championship Fatigue set in somewhere about January 24th, 2004 for this fan. If the date is meaningless to you, it was the date that the 'The Chase for the Championship' was first announced.
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  11. Glad you gave the date. Now I can search for that date on this forum and find out how bad everyone really hated it.
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    Looking back I was thinking "it cant get worse than this" in regards to points systems........ it got worse. much worse. I'd settle for the original 10 man Chase with a compromise of Stage Points/Playoff points for those who like this current structure but we junk the "Playoff Bracket" and "Win and You're In". I think I'd settle for this compromise.
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    "Win and you're in" is the only part of this playoff format I like. Although, I'd rather say wins in certain races should automatically put you through. Win the Daytona 500, Coke 600, or Brickyard 400 and you're in.
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    Well this latest change hasn't produced any game 7 moments like most of the others, but the odds are against that anyway. The last time there was a "game 7" (puke) moment was the one when Stewart and Edwards went back n forth for the cup title the last race back in 2011.
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    Lol. That's a tidbit of information I was missing.

    Personally, I don't feel any sort of fatigue since I am purely a racing fan. Sure, I have my favorite drivers, my favorite manufacturer, and there are ways I would prefer to see the sport play out, but it makes me smile to see the drivers competing on track on any given day.
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    I absolutely love this the Crown Jewel/Major Races even more important stature
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    I don't see why certain races should have more importance than others.
    Back in the day you races the whole season for the championship. Now with this format (KB 1st championship) with Nascar blessing you can race a partial season and still win it all. Are you saying teams should cherry pick certain races?? I call
    :bsflag:if you want to make certain races seem to be more important than others then don't be surprised when fans only watch these races.

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