College Football 2022

I would agree. But I mean… as much as I try to defend the bias… there’s one.
They typically don’t drop teams much for losing CCGs and TCU have a win against K-State already so without an extra data point for Alabama I just don’t see anything that could move them up that much. There’s nothing on paper that points in Alabama’s favor. I’m 99% positive it’s just ESPN trying to fear monger so people watch the selection show. Worst case scenario I can imagine is TCU is #4. But we’ll see.
I can easily see this committee putting Bama in over OSU.
Without either team playing tomorrow it would have to come down to something else on their résumé changing, like Michigan losing to Purdue and LSU beating Georgia. Crazier things have happened but it’s hard to see them jumping otherwise.
K-State looking more and more like the team that was up 28-10 on TCU earlier in the season.
Duggan may have won the Heisman after all.

I think it being this close is enough for TCU regardless of the final result.
Great game, gotta give credit to K-State, not without controversy but they played a great game. Duggan should win the Heisman and TCU should still safely be in the CFP.
Welcome to the playoffs Bama. The committee has inflated Bama's ranking all year they won't stop now. Stupid stupid decision to not run a QB sneak.
ESPN’s own “strength of record” metric on their web site had TCU #1 headed into today. 12-1 > TCU. TCU has a better top win (K-State) and the CCG loss in the rematch today isn’t as bad as LSU. They have a stronger common opponent comparison (17-10 @ Texas versus 20-19 @ Texas with Bama knocking Ewers out for most of the game). There is absolutely zero that Alabama has in their favor.
I am going to get this pic framed and on my wall 😍
As a Dawg fan, I dont want any part of Alabama for a while.
Those memories of years and years of dominance are still fresh.
I think a UGA v. Mich. final would be fun. We shall see.
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