College Football 2022

McCarthy has impressed me in recent weeks, has good ball placement accuracy on a lot his throws good touch
Lol this man really thinks Bama deserves it. Okay 😂 okay man. Saban wilding

Seen people saying how Ohio State shouldn’t be in because of the Michigan lost. But let’s remind people, Bama beat Georgia last year for the sec championship. How did that go when it came to the National Championship? Georgia got that W back. Let’s look at this weekend. Kansas State beat TCU. How did the meeting a few weeks ago go? TCU won. Now I’ll be fair and say Utah beat USC both times. But this is football baby, just because a team lost once, don’t mean they would the next time. They have 1 lost, they deserve the spot. Then TCU deserves to stay in as well.

I probably rank them as such

1. Georgia
2. Michigan
3. TCU
4. Ohio State

I give TCU the edge, because their lost was in their conference championship. OSU could probably make a case their lost is to a top 4 ranked team, and that’s a fair argument so if 3 and 4 was switched from what I said, I wouldn’t even say it was necessarily wrong.
Lost our best player and then won the next two games by 20+. Back to back Big Ten Championships

Strong Strong finish to the season by your guy's, look to be operating at maximum confidence and gelling together at the right time. I bet they're wishing the playoff started next weekend, they seem ready to go.
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