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So we should have one bad race a year just so we can say we're racing at INDY?

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Well it brings me back to what is the definition of a good race? You ask 100 people you might get a 100 different answers
Thank you for asking the question.

The best way to answer it is which is valued more?

Entertainment vs. Defining "pure" racing.

I will say this, NASCAR is viewed as more entertainment type of series. Now all of these variables are baked in and this was due the massive ratings shift over the years.

Versus something like IndyCar, IMSA, or F1. Where they have gimmicks (Push 2 Pass for Indy, DRS in F1, and BOP (if you can say its a gimmick). They are more focused on the racing and just that. NASCAR is in an interesting spot, do I wish they would simplify some issues?

Absolutely, but that's not for me to decide. Like, I think something like SRX got it right on what to focus outside of the racing. Track history, history of the area, etc. However, entertainment is depending on the person.
The last oval race there Harvick chased Hamlin and couldn't catch him. The excitement was when Hamlin blew a right front and walled it and caught on fire and Harvick was able to pass and wins...riveting action.
Who says this was a good race? I saw you rated it a 3?

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I didn’t say it was a good race. For me personally. There are others who liked it…which is what my initial response was about: you ask folks what constitutes a good race, you’ll get different answers from different people. I’m not sure it’s a universally accepted answer.
Having pride and being a competitor is great, but I don't think you should sacrifice your health. If he was as bad as it seemed, he should have brought the car to pit road. Heat exhaustion is nothing to take lightly.
I was worried for him when they showed him in the in car camera. He did not look well
So my question is why are we still going back to Indy? To please Roger or something? I mean we can all agree this layout isn't any good and apparently no one has any faith in the oval. There's so many other options why do we keep submitting ourselves to this punishment?

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Roger owns a date on the schedule.
So if guess if that rule pertains to the access road they just didn't enforce it earlier in the race? If that's the case it's no better

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It didn't turn out well for my guy today but I was at least entertained by all the silly **** we saw. Let out a few hearty laughs over the course of that one.
Normally I'd have been furious, but leading up to that restart it just felt like it was going to happen. Like you, I said "well crap" and kind of laughed.
What's your initial thought? I've seen some others skeptical
From this NBC report, HMS said that Larson broke too late and went out of control. I’m not ready to buy that the defending champ missed a braking zone as bad as anyone ever has in a Cup race. I’m much more skeptical of the non-interview and Daniels asking to have the car taken straight to the hauler and then bolt out of there. Radio comm right before was confirming the brake fans were on (which Letarte said would be strange to ask that deep into a run), and Larson saying he was standing on the pedal.

I guess I could see the brake fluid boiling but everything surrounding it and passing it off as a giant Larson whoopsie makes it odd.
Yeah, this makes no sense. I recall Larson saying something about the brake pedal going to the floor. No reason to doubt him and no reason not to admit something failed on the car. I don't get it.
Reddit is going nuts over ABS failed, and Kyle and Hendrick turn down interviews. And today saying nothing wrong with car, and if they did, Nascar would want to see the car themselves. IDK
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