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Horner is running out of oxygen tank. Apparently it has been confirmed that this involves sexual harassment after all and Horner tried to do a Trump like hush deal to keep her quiet.

Ford has now chipped in on the situation.

Apparently it has been confirmed that this involves sexual harassment after all and Horner tried to do a Trump like hush deal to keep her quiet.

It took a little longer than I expected, but in the wake of Mateschitz' death things are starting to fall apart.
F1, having finally gained interest in the US, is doing their best to show how utterly rotten they are to the core and wriggle their way back into being the "biggest series for the rest of the world" instead.
This is really a power struggle from within Red Bull. We knew it was going to happen when Deiter died that everyone would be fighting for control the empire. It just happened faster than we were expecting.
I'm sure they'll find a way to kill the F1 project before it even starts. :rolleyes:
I guess it would technically be too early to say whether or not the 2026 PU regulations are a bust if Audi winds up dropping out before ever actually coming in, but it would certainly feel like it. No Porsche, no Audi, kinda-sorta Ford but not entirely, and not admitting the one actual manufacturer (Cadillac) who want to build their own from the ground up starting in 2028.

I suppose you could point towards Honda deciding to come back after initially pulling out, but that was more due to a CEO change than anything else.
Best (adjusted) race strategy.

-Start in the last position by choice.
-Be oblivious to the competition.
-Go as fast as possible but never ever come close to violating the rules for the track limits.
- Go at least fast enough to keep up with the safety car when deployed
- Wait for others to be disqualified or at least accumulate enough penalties to elevate your position to P1.
We're supposed to get a Horner verdict today, but the rumors are already flooding in.

Windows 11 Translation:
According to The Times and Daily Mail, Christian Horner is acquitted by the hired lawyer, after allegations by the employee about sexually transgressive behavior.

English media do state that future as team boss is still unclear. Confirmation expected later today.
Glad we can put an end to this and happy he's been cleared. Always wonder what prompted the person to make the allegation but we'll probably never know.
I'm still not sure what to think about Hamilton going to Ferrari. Of course it's great for Hamilton as he will make craploads of money and it's also fantastic for the sport overall as motorsports' sole superstar will be a part of the sports most popular team.
I see some people comparing this move to Schumacher moving to Ferrari in 1996. Schumacher was in right in his prime back then though. Lewis will turn 40 before next season. Ferrari has a culture that is quite different from the other teams, Chuck seems well-integrated in there, not sure if Lewis can adjust to that.

I'm even more curious about who will replace Lewis at Mercedes. McLaren seems unwilling to let Piastri or Norris go.
Andrea Kimi Antonelli would be a bold decision but even if he wins F2 this year I don't see him going to the factory team straightaway.
Alonso is reportedly being considered for the ride. As awesome as that would be, he'll turn 43 this year. He could be a short-term solution until Antonelli is ready though.
I think Sainz is the most likely option right now.
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