High Limit 2024

High Limit driver Corey Day having a good night at the Chili Bowl

Dirtrackr today said he's starting to draw interest from some high places in the racing world.
Yeah I posted both descriptions. I'm a bit confused also.

Heats will see the winner and fastest transfer go to the Dash, the twist comes if the fastest qualifier wins the Heat Race from fourth - they'll be guaranteed the best available Dash starting spot and the next position car will go to the Dash. For example, if the fastest qualifier wins Heat 1 from fourth, he or she will automatically be on the pole of the Dash with the number-one pill removed from the draw for others.
I did understand if the fastest qualifier won the heat they will be on the pole in the dash. Is it still the same as the top 2 qualifiers in the heat transfers to the dash or are they saying something else? Just what is a "fastest transfer?"
McFadden to High Limit now official:

That's 17 full timers for the series and a very contentious battle for the 5 charter positions being granted this year to top points finishers amongst the ex-Outlaws, Abreu, Courtney, and Day (and IMO Zeb Wise as well).
iam so glad that they are working with woo on the rules and safety stuff, this will make it better for all the teams.
Maybe it happens more than I know but why does J Mac have such a hard time getting back into the country...he's not the only Australian racing here.

A person can watch both events, nice. Leary set a lap record USAC.

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