High Limit 2024

Liking this track more. Super fun to see these guys run so close to the wall. Larson sucked his lap in qualifying... 42 cars should be some good heats and b feature
Flipped in the heat and couldn't transfer in the C. Tomorrow, he'll be running 240mph with the best in the world.

I love racing
So fun watching them run the high line. They hit the wall multiple times a lap and keep going fast
That was an INSANE crash. And right in front of me. Huge launch and huge air. Just launched himself off the wall like a ramp
That flagman was a lucky man.

Like I said, it was right in front of me. Close enough time slowed down. Once I realized he wasn't going through the fence I thought of the flagman. Car dropped 15 feet before the stand luckily. Very close
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