High Limit 2024

That was a good one.

Loved the next door neighbour’s tree house above the back straight. 😎
Managed to make this and the Indycar race yesterday: first time at Butler too. Not a bad track at all, though I didn't get a chance to really check out multiple vantage points or get concessions because, uhh, it was REALLY packed in and I wasn't leaving the space I had carved out once I got into it. Obviously the race was the race- it was really excellent.

They got the track ready (big job), got cars out for hot laps and it started to rain again.

Small cell … they seem optimistic. LOL
That's a damn shame, the Davenport 1/4 mile is a fun place. Hope the weather cooperates when they hit Eagle, NE next week, I'll be there.

Were just home from Indy, hitting Husets on Sunday. Eagle in Tuesday, Knoxville WoO on Friday and Saturday and have Hot Passes for Iowa Speedway on Sunday. Home on .Monday and back to Husets on Wednesday for High Bank Nationals. Alot of racing in our area . Kinda digging this semi retirement!
What a damn race again. We’ve got two unbelievably good touring series at the moment
First 25 were great. Then the haymakers started. Then the rubber set in. Enjoyable night at the track. Going to be interesting at Knoxville Friday and Saturday for sure, and High Bank Nationals at Husets next week. Both WoO shows with HL having those weekends off. Good month to be a local fan in Nebraska, Iowa and South Dakota!
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