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    Jayski Update

    from Reddit

    Scott Page
    The nameservers seem to still be updating this morning, so you may occasionally get directed to ESPN. However, we now have the domain pointing to my server. It will stay there until we have a deal to go back live with a full site. Obtaining the domain was the first big hurdle to overcome. Hopefully things will start progressing quickly now.

    The deal worked well at the time it started and ESPN got back into NASCAR, but over the years their priorities changed. I don't fault them for that. It happens with all businesses. They did us a huge favor by letting is work towards restarting the site. They had not obligation to do that. They owned the site and gave it back.
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    "Jay has now regained ownership of the jayski.com domain. We are currently working on a deal to relaunch the website as soon as possible.Those discussions are underway, but nothing has been finalized yet. Until a deal is finished, the site will contain limited information. We don't want to rebuld the site without knowing what platform we will be operating on in the future. As soon as there's something to announce, it will be posted here".

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